Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little things.

It's all the little things that add up while being pregnant, right?!
It has been interesting to watch my body change.
The past couple months my acne, which I already struggle with, has gotten a lot worse. And it will probably continue in that direction since summer is almost here, and summer = sweat. Sweat = oily skin, and oily skin = more pimples. I typically use a toner and topical solutions but I am choosing not to until after the baby is here, so just trying to deal with it I guess!
Sleep is becoming more of a struggle. I wake up on my sides with hips that hurt, and sleeping on my back feels just plain weird, creating pressure on my abdomen. Any tips for sleeping on your back anyone? My coworker told me his wife has a "wedge" that she uses to sleep with and loves it. Might need to Google that later....I am determined not to spend money on a snoogle, lol. We will see!
Pretty sure I got constipated this week! That was no fun. Usually I am like the total polar opposite, and I eat pretty good and what I think is an awesome amount of fiber, but who knows what my hormones are doing in there!
I feel like I have to pee 24/7 too. Love it.
Oh, and Saturday, I almost passed out. Yep. That is what I get for trying to clean for like 4 hours straight and not sitting down to chill every now and then. Everything started going all black...thankfully Chris was right there. I got to the couch and then got the sweats really bad. It was so weird! I saw there for a while, drank a bunch of water and then I felt better finally.
Anyways, these are all pretty minor inconveniences, but come with the territory I guess, and are TOTALLY worth it! :)

I also forgot about the insane, worst smelling eva almost as bad as the dogs, painful gas I've been having the past couple of weeks. ayecarumba.


DomestiKatie. said...

just a tip in the toner dept- you can use witch hazel on a cotton ball to swipe across your face after you wash it. no harsh chemicals, and it's a natural cleanser and protectant for your skin. and it's crazy cheap!
i do this in the summer to save money on fancy products that just get sweated out immediately.

Lil'Misa said...

Take care of yourself. I did pass out early in the pregnancy, not fun. Make sure you rest and eat right!!

I also had horrible pregnancy acne. It didn't get better after having Carter either so I had to go to a derm. Now it is soooo much better.

Mrs. D said...

Gosh, I'm sorry you are having these struggles! Hmm... luckily my acne got better after getting pregnant... weird! But I use Acne Free from the drugstore & it works wonders (for me at least).

I was so determined NOT to buy a Snoogle until I heard so many great things about it, so, out I went to Babies R Us & bought it. I LOVE it. But I still end up on my back some nights. haha. You can get them for about $15 cheaper on Amazon if you really want one :)

Also, you have an award on my blog :)

Good luck with everything!!

Nlvaden said...

I used a body pillow. If you use it to sleep on your side you can snuggle it and put it under your belly
(more important later) and between your legs. You can use it to sleep on your back by putting it slightly under you right side so you are tilted a little.

Never bought a snoogle. I had acne bad- still thinking you are having a little girl too.

Kaymee said...

i almost passed out when i was pregnantt too...twice. both times everything went cloudy and i saw black spots. make sure you keep yourself hydrated. can't wait til your big u/s!

The Buchingers said...

Hey Anne! Things will get better within the next couple of weeks! Just remember to take it easy...drink lots of water, eat multiple snacks so your blood sugar doesn't drop...remember you are eating for two and the baby gets its nutrients first so make sure you get yours! I had a similar experience about passing out when I was about as far along as you...not cool...it can actually be very scary! I was taking a shower and Nate was in bed...luckily I got to the bedroom ok and I called off of work for the day! I hope you start feeling better! Remember it will be worth it all in the end when you are holding your bundle of joy! Love you!

Rachel and John said...

Lots of my pregnant friends use a body pillow to sleep and they say they couldn't live without it. I'm sorry I don't have any advice, but I've never been pregnant...yet :)
And I can't tell by your pictures that you have acne so you must be thinking that it's worse than it is.

Rachel W. said...

Hi Anne,
I can’t remember if it was here or on facebook but I recall you saying you won a spray tan. If you have ANY questions or want tips just drop me a line. I get spray tans quite often so I know the in’s and out’s. It’s a lot safer and healthier then tanning via UV rays!! =)

Mrs. Grant said...

I almost passed out this week too! Weird! As far as your hips...try a down pillow under them or getting a memory foam mattress pad. I about died from no sleep in my 2nd & 3rd mo of pregnancy and as soon as we made the memory foam switch ($40 on overstock.com) I have slept like a baby! I have been using a body pillow instead of a Snoogle that I got for $10 and that has helped a ton as well!! As far as the back sleeping you can try propping up a few pillow, but that will eventually get uncomfy the bigger we get! Good luck!