Monday, April 19, 2010

Busy Weekend!

Wow I had a busy weekend! I feel like we were on the go right from the moment I got out of work on Friday afternoon. We went straight over to our friend Jason's house and picked him up and then we met up with his wife Andrea at the Macaroni Grill for dinner (woo hoo for gift cards!) Afterward we went and saw Avatar again. I love that movie. They had not seen it yet, and it is in the cheap theater here now so we couldn't pass it up. It was only $6 a ticket to see it in 3-D, usually it is like $12 or something.

Saturday morning one of my bf's Kerri came over and I did her hair, and shortly after Chris left for work. I ended up having lunch and decided to lay down for a little while....bad idea!!! I ended up falling asleep for like 3 hours!! I guess I needed it. Later I ended up being super thankful because we were up so late. Once I finally woke up I got myself together, headed to the store to pick up all the fixings for S'mores (including Reese's pb cups....if you have never tried those on a S'more I highly recommend it!!) and headed over to our friend's house for a little get together/bonfire. When Chris got out of work he headed straight over to join us. By the time we got home that night and showered, we didn't get to bed until 2 am. We were spent!!

Sunday mornings we typically go to church, but sometimes we skip on the weekends that Chris works. It felt really nice to sleep in together, which is rare! Gotta take advantage now before the baby comes I guess! Eventually we got up, he headed off to work again, and I headed out to run errands. I spent a couple hours grocery shopping, getting dog food and some other things. I was pretty excited, when I went to Target I found an AWESOME bathing suit!!! I almost passed it up but I knew that later on in the summer I would end up regretting it and then probably not being able to find one that I like later on, that is so typical when you pass stuff up, ya know? I got the bottoms that are like a little skirt, and then here is the top (it also is WAY cuter in person, for some reason I do not even like it in the picture!)

What is also nice is that you could totally wear this when you are not pregnant and it looks like a normal bathing suit top, which I really like.
I also had to buy a new bra finally, I couldn't hold out anymore. I am typically a Large A/Smaller B so that was fun stuff.

I think I have been feeling some movement too!!! I keep feeling like random little "flicks" from the inside, like someone is flicking me with their finger. But from inside of me. It is so weird!!! Can't wait to start feeling some more movement!!
And now it is back to work today and I am exhausted...didn't sleep well last night! Hope everyone else had a really great weekend!


Rachel and John said...

Mmmm Smores! I haven't had any in so long!! I like that bathing suit in the picture, I can't imagine it being nicer!!

Nlvaden said...

I never thought to put reeces in a smore! GENIUS! Congrats on feeling the babe! That is such a wonderful feeling! I miss it...sometimes...

Megnhope said...

Good call on getting the bathing suit! I had soo much trouble getting one last summer. But finally did find one at a Target in California! It stayed in good shape too considering I wore it a lot! Congrats.

Mrs. Grant said...

I agree on the smores & the bathing suit! Good choice!