Friday, April 16, 2010

Gorgeous Blogger Award

Thank you Mrs. D for this super cute award! And I love the button....

The rules for this award go as followed:

* Accept & thank the fellow bloggie who gave this to you

* List 10 things about yourself

* List 5 additional things that you don't like

* Award this to 10 other fellow bloggies

Ok, here we go then:

1- Ever since I was little I knew that I wanted to get married and have a family. I have been wanting a baby ever since Chris and I got married when I was 21.

2- Right now I have been helping one of my best friends Kerri, plan her celebration party for graduating with her MBA, and for her baby shower. It's been fun!

3- I am not a huge pop/soda drinker, but my favs are squirt, ginger ale, and root beer.

4-Typically I love chocolate chip cookies, but right now I could care less about them. It is sad.

5- I am thinking about chopping off my hair. Probably won't....but I AM doing something different with the color though.

6- I had a bit of a rough childhood so to speak but have amazing people in my life now and I love where I am at, so I am so thankful for what I have been through!

7-A huge perk of my job is that I get to be online all day. It is ridiculous really. For that reason I try to stay off the computer at night, but sometimes it is hard.

8- I also have to talk on the phone all day long. So I pretty much hate calling people now and talking on the phone at night. It is a bummer, because I do not keep up with people as much as I used to.

9- I enjoy raising money and donating money and then walking/running for good causes. Next year I will be back on the running wagon, can't wait!

10- I think that we live in one of the best, most progressive cities in Michigan. Grand Rapids has so much offer, I feel blessed to and I really enjoy living here.

Now for 5 things I don't like:

1- People who do not know how to drive and/or do not obey traffic laws. It is not an "option" to use your is also common courtesy!

2- Dishes laying all over the kitchen counters and sink. I like a clean kitchen!

3- Roots/new growth. Drives me crazy and I always notice it instantly on Can't help it.

4- When our dogs shake off and their snot/boogers/drool fling all over onto the walls/furniture/in my mouth/eyes etc. YUCK. Still love em though.

5- When someone is wearing way too much perfume/cologne and it's like they took a bath in it.

Now, I shall pass on this award to the following lucky ladies:

Sally aka Mrs. Trophy Wife


Mrs. Bro



Little Lotero



Mrs. Hoppy



Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Yay! I love awards, and I love learning about other bloggers!

Southern Loves said...

Saw your a fellow SITS girl...Congrats on your award...Very cute blog...Look forward to following!! :-D

Shannon said...

I like running, especially for charities, too. Think how cool it will be to get a jogging stroller and run next year :)

Rachel and John said...

I also hate a dirty Kitchen. Our main floor is really open so if the kitchen is dirty you can see it. Congrats on your award!

Rachel W. said...
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Rachel W. said...

#5- I think you could defiantly pull off a cute short cut!

#6- Sorry to hear that…but you’ve turned into a great lady! Adversity only makes us stronger!

#9- Me too!! It’s a double wammy, great exercise and great causes!

It was fun learning more about you through this post! =)

PS- I am so with you on the messy kitchen!

Anne said...

Hey Rachel, I have had short bobs before, and they look cute I guess, but I just think I look better with longer hair for some reason. My husband likes it better when it is a little longer too. So I probably won't be cutting that much off! Thank you though!