Friday, January 2, 2009


Well AF finally decided to grace me with her presence first thing this morning when I got up. I only say finally because I have been spotting for a couple days now so I knew she was coming early. Which is very very annoying. I think my cycle this month may have been a little messed up because I wasn't working out as regularly. We were just too busy with the Holiday season. So it goes....I am somewhat happy because the weekend is almost here and now I don't have to deal with this while sitting at work. But I was hoping that it wasn't going to come until necessary because not only do I get screwed out of my four extra days of not being on it (and now we can't have any fun this weekend, haha) but also because now my cycle will be off for next month.
January 12th I am having a root canal. I absolutely HAVE to get this done before I can get pregnant. I guess there is an infection festering underneath it, fun eh. They were telling me how if I get pregnant before getting it taken care of then my immune system will be focusing on the baby and the situation could potentially get way worse, not something that I want to deal with while being pregnant. So I made the appt. asap and that was as soon as they could get me in. I am not too worried that it matters much but I really wanted that to be all over with before I ovulated. Not like I can control it. Well hopefully this will be my last period for a while!! That would be...Simply. Amazing.

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