Thursday, January 22, 2009

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So I have been meaning to write about this for a while but I keep forgetting. Chris and I decided not to buy each other presents for Christmas this year because we wanted to save money, plus we had just bought a really nice Canon camera on Black Friday. Well low and behold I get home from his fam's Christmas party on Christmas Eve (he had to work =( ... ) and he was all did you look in your stocking today? And I'm like cheated!!! So he was all excited because he bought me a present and couldn't wait to give it to me. So we're sitting there on the couch and I start to unwrap it, and low and behold, it's this book:Seriously, I started crying. I could absolutely not believe it. A couple weeks prior we were in Barnes and Noble and just happen to come across this. It looked pretty funny and I had stated how "I totally want that book when I get pregnant!" Not only did Chris remember, which was amazing, especially since I had forgotten all about it, but for petes sake people! He bought me A PREGNANCY BOOK! For me, ...for us...this was a big deal. And it really meant a lot. And even more it let me know that he was on board with this. I know it has been rough for him having to deal with me the past couple years.....since I have wanted this so badly that is!

Anyways, so the book is amazing. They are funny, witty and down right blunt. They even swear here and there. It's nice because it reaffirmed a lot of the things that Chris and I discuss/believe about food in general and eating habits. I have also learned a lot of new things about dairy, meat and soy. Chris is all freaked out that I am going to become a vegan now. That is not my goal, but I definitely am trying to NOT eat a lot of those things. Everything in moderation right? But I will not deprive myself if I want something. The best thing about this book is that it has this awesome food list of foods they reccomend that are really good for you, esp. while you are pregnant. Here is my first new amazing discovery:

Umm seriously.... BEST CEREAL EVER!!!! Especially with rice milk and a banana in it. I am addicted. It sucks because it's like $5 a box but man is it worth it. Chris loves it too which sucks even more because then it runs out faster. And it's totally one of those boxes that you open it and it's really only like 60% full. Why do they torture me so?

Yesterday I went grocery shopping and had been craving a burger all day long so I bought the Morningstar Veggie Burgers and Chris and I both tried them last night. They aren't too bad. And I would definitely continue to eat them in replace of beef.

Another thing I discovered on my trip was this dressing. (Not in the book) but it was by all the Organic dressings and they were on sale so I couldn't help myself. Not to mention the brand is Annie's! Seriously, it was calling me. And Goddess dressing it is...tonight when I ate my salad for dinner I could not help myself but open it. Even though we already have two open in the fridge...oopsie. =) It is AMAZING. Love it. Fav. new dressing.

Update tomorrow.

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