Friday, January 23, 2009

quick update

Ok, so here's the low down.
I am 10 dpo, which is technically 4 days too early to test. But according to last months cycle, which was only 24 days, I can test on Sunday.
All ten of my temps have been above the coverline, which is good.
For like the past week and half I have had cramps at least a part of the day, some days I feel them like all day long.
The girls up top are a little tender but nothing to write home about.
And I feel nauseous right now, but that could seriously be because I ate way too much food at lunch and indulged in a little soda (gasp!) which I haven't drank in a long time.

So yeah...I think I am gonna test in the AM. If it's a BFN then I'm not testing again until next week until I hit the 28 day mark.
And that is that.


Unknown said...

Good luck! I'm testing on Sunday, too.

Anne said...

Yeah I know, I saw that...I'm praying for ya girl!