Monday, January 5, 2009

Interesting situation we have here....

I am pretty excited because AF is pretty much on her way out the door. I can't complain too much, this month was barely anything to be writing home about. But I am assuming that it's because it came 4 days early, therefore it being shorter and lighter.
Anyways so now I am not sure when exactly to pinpoint when I am going to ovulate which is sort of frustrating because I can't base my estimation off of a normal 28 day cycle. I have to go off of a 24-28 day cycle, giving me this span of 9 days. I did buy some of these bad boys that I plan to use but not sure when to start....they are supposed to tell you when you have your LH surge showing your two most fertile days. I think I am going to start on the second day of my "fertile span". We will see what happens.
I also started charting my basal body temps every morning. I wasn't going to do it but I decided why not..that way if I don't get my Happy Birthday BPF (yes by the way did I mention that I would be finding out right before my bday...? What a great present..) then in the following months I can start to try to track some sort of pattern.
Either way I'm looking forward to having some fun the good 'ol fashioned way without having to be careful. And for at least every other day for 9 days straight. woot!

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