Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's official.

We are officially TTC. I have been waiting to write this post for like almost two months now. It has taken everything in my power to not write it. After all, this is my "secret blog" that I've been working on for a while. Secret to my friends and family anyways. I'm not really telling people about it..they'll only stumble upon it if they think to look at my profile. I will announce it once the big event has actually occurred.
I have been looking forward to January 2009 for almost two years. Two years of incredibly hard, patient waiting. Two years of having the freakin' baby bug full blast on...two years of watching other people around me get pregnant and have babies...
And now, it is our turn.
And I could not be more excited. Ecstatic. Overwhelming happy and oh my gosh I wanna I seriously wanna toss my cookies cause it makes me to worked up thinking about all of this....
This year is hopefully going to be really great. And hopefully God is going to bless us with a little bundle before we can say Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays again. I know it's not in our control we but are totally shooting for a fall baby. We are absolutely in love with fall, and what could possibly make it a better time of year but the joy of knowing that we are going to become parents?
Yes, waiting was definitely hard, but it was totally for the best. We both have great jobs (me especially which we were waiting for) which has also made us more financially stable.
I want to send out some sort of a warning right now. To anyone who may read this.... This is MY baby blog. I created this blog, because well, I love to blog. And I don't want to miss or forget anything from this TTC journey and my hopefully very soon to be pregnancy. I may often put waaaaaaaaay too many details on here that you just did NOT want to know. Or something I say may offend you in some way. But let's get to the point, if you don't like it....I'm not sure what to tell ya. This is totally going to be my place where I am releasing how I feel everyday, how I feel about certain topics, and also what is going on with my cycles, my body and all that fun fun stuff that you probably have no need to want to hear about. Oh well! Happy reading! :)

And now...a special note.

Dear Phantom Baby,
Please come and grace my body with your lovely little presence. I am soooo ready for you. I have spent several months making some lifestyle changes to prepare for you, just because I love you so much already and I don't even know exactly what that means since you aren't even real yet. But it has not been easy. I have spent several hours in the gym taking away from my Tivo! time and also totally slacked on my relationships with friends and family. I have completely changed my eating habits. This means trying to eat zero amount of food that is processed, or eating anything that has any amount of high fructose corn syrup in it. I will be officially giving up drinking alcohol soon. Your daddy and I celebrated last night with a little Happy New Year 2009 bottle of champagne. We hope that was our last new year celebration without you. I am doing these things in hopes to make you the healthiest little baby ever. I want to give you a good life from the second of your little implantation in my ute. I know that you are going to give me some awful morning sickness and probably make me real constipated, but I am so excited for it. And I cannot wait to start shopping for you. So please hurry and make your presence known soon. That would be super fantastic. Love you baby. ~Mama A

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