Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nursery Progress

I am happy to say that our nursery is finally ready to go. I am seriously SO stinkin happy, last night I just wanted to cry, and sigh in relief of course. I cannot wait to get the crib together and get everything put in there.

Here is a picture of the nursery before...this used to be our old bedroom downstairs, before we finished our upstairs, which I still plan on doing a post about, just haven't gotten around to it yet. It was an ugly marigold color. I liked it for a while...but yuck.

And here it is again, with the old windows and trim. I wish I had taken a picture of the windows with the blinds up. They were the originals from when the house was built, which was in the 50's.

And here is our completely INSANE dining room, piled with baby stuff. Some organized, some not.

And yes, it has been driving me absolutely crazy.

And here is the finished project! It is a light green color...not really a "lime green" but not pastel either. I like it much better in natural day light.

New windows and trim, with fresh paint...I love it!

After working on all of these house projects over the past year, I can can definitely say that Chris and I have had several "we are NEVER buying an old house ever, ever again" discussions. I love our house, it has tons of character but wow, it has been some work.
We still need to get blinds, curtains and a rug for the nursery as well. The blinds and rug I am not worried about that, we have those in the works. The curtains, well I found the ones that I want online at Ikea, but you can't order them online, and they seem to be out of stock everywhere that is remotely near us. It is sad.

Anyways, can't wait to start filling the room up this weekend!!


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I can't wait to see how it turns out! I love the color.

By the way, I switched over to Wordpress, so you'll have to re-add me in your reader. I know you have followed me from WAY back before I had my own domain, and those early followers got lost in transition. Just wanted to let you know! :)

gk said...

hi anne!
i just stumbled across your blog and had to comment. congrats on your pregnancy! looks like you are doing well and things are coming along. i love finding blogs of people that have boxer dogs :) we have two - bodde and berkley - and they are just the best!! well good luck with your last few weeks. take care!