Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My final shower ever!

Kinda crazy to think about it that way, but it's true. No more bridal showers or baby showers or anything of that nature!
Sunday afternoon was my final one, the 5th one altogether for baby. We have been so lucky! This shower was given by Chris's mom's side of the family. The them was blue and yellow and duckies everywhere, it was so cute. Even the punch was blue.

Cute little favors

The food was awesome too. And they even had a huge chocolate fountain with tons of goodies to dip in it, it was sooo yummy. Here is a shot of the cake, which was designed by Chris's Aunt Barb, and I love how she used "Baby Ostie" from my blog!

Bath tub toy

We were all cracking up over this bib, from Chris's Aunt Barb!

Cute little plaid outfit!

Activity Mat, woo hoo!

This was from one of the games we played...ducks with numbers on the bottom and I got to pick the number.

Belly shot! Almost 35 weeks.

And a clothesline with some super cute cloths that I got to keep as well.

As excited as I was for all of these showers, I must admit, I am little relieved they are all over. Now it's time to organize some more, take some inventory of everything and figure out what else we need to get yet!

High on the list of priorities include:
The crib mattress
Extra car seat base for our other vehicle
Bookshelf, rug, blinds and curtains for the nursery (I am so picky!)

Those are honestly the only things I can think of off hand that I really feel like we "need." I guess that really is not too bad at all!
We have been so lucky and blessed by all of our friends and family.
I cannot believe he is going to be here anytime now!!! Hopefully not for about 2-5 more weeks though!


Rachel and John said...

I'm only a fast commentor because I just happen to be taking my afternoon break! Plus when I see you've updated I check right away.
Shower looks like a ton of fun! I hope you get everything else you need before baby arrives! I can't wait to see the finished room.

Lil'Misa said...

I love the theme, absolutely adorable.

Kristen.Adele said...

no more babies after this one?

Megnhope said...

I think that all babies should have showers! Even if they are just to get together with friends! All babies are blessings. I was kinda sad that I never had one with Zoe. Never really crossed my mind until she was here. Felt kinda weird. Hard to explain I guess.

Anne said...

Kristen, usually you only have showers thrown for you with your first baby, after that you are on your own! Close friends and family still buy stuff with other children but that is about it. It just depends on the situation I guess.