Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Birthday Fun

I have to do a post about my husband....last Monday we celebrated his 30th Birthday! I always call him my old man since I am only 25, haha. It was a fun evening...we went out for dinner with his family at the Electric Cheetah and then went home and had some cake and opened presents. Afterward we hung out at a place called Stella's that he has been wanting to check out for a while. He was not particularly excited about this Birthday, hence his face in some of these pictures that I basically forced him to take. :) You can always tell he is fake smiling when he doesn't show his teeth...still handsome though.

I got him a CD that he wanted and some Jelly Belly's....he loves those!

Chris, baby and I

Holding his cake.

I wanted to throw him a surprise party, but with the wedding that weekend and then everything else that has been going on combined with his work schedule, it just was not happening this year unfortunately. Some year soon I hope to give him the party he deserves! He is a great husband and a hard worker. Love that guy.

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Kristen.Adele said...

how did you like Stellas? I've been wanting to go check that out as well..