Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ostrander Shower

Saturday morning I had my shower with Chris's dad's side of the family. It was very nice! The food was wraps and salad from the Traverse City Pie Co. (YUMMM!) and then little cheesecakes and cake for dessert, with punch.

We played two different games. One was where the ladies had to rip off toilet paper and guess how big around I was. For the other game, there were several items in a bag (that I got to keep, woo hoo!) and people had to guess how much money each item cost, and whoever was closest to the overall total won the prize. It sort of reminded us all of a "Price is Right" game!

Erica showing everyone some hangers

Erica's son Camden-he was born in February and is getting SO big!

I got some really great gifts and here are just a couple pictures from opening presents...I was pretty excited about the Bumbo and the BumGenius diapers!

Also, I do not have a picture because I just got it in the mail yesterday, but Chris's sister was VERY generous and bought me my Medela pump for my present. I was sooo happy and very shocked!!! That was going to be a huge expense, so we are very grateful and thankful.


Rachel and John said...

Lovely! You look great. That food looks so yummy.

Sarah said...

Wow! Getting the Medela is a great and generous gift! Isn't family great!

Steph said...

The pictures look great!

You will LOVE that pump! My baby is 11 days old and it has been a Godsend!

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Mrs. Hoppy said...

Sounds like so much fun and you look amazing!

The Buchingers said...

Wow Anne that's AWESOME!!! So happy for you guys...looking forward to your shower on Saturday :D Love ya!