Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekend Wedding Fun!

This past weekend my brother Jesse and his fiance Marideth got married. The wedding was in Ripley, Ohio and the reception was in Maysville, Kentucky right on the river. It was beautiful! But wow, was it ever HOT down there. It was around 100 degrees every day. On Saturday while we were outside taking pictures, the girls were sweating right through their dresses. I felt so bad for the guys, being in tuxes and all. But once we were inside in the air conditioning everything was great. It really turned out to be a beautiful day!

Chris and I the night before at the rehearsal dinner.

Nataleigh being all cute as usual.

-Waiting for the wedding to begin!-

Marideth and I-she was a very pretty bride!

Megan, Emileigh and I- I actually really ended up liking our dresses. They were a lovely color, pretty comfortable and thankfully really suited our pregnant bellies! And they were about as light and airy as a dress was going to get for a hot day. Our flowers were gorgeous too.

Emileigh, Nataleigh and Marideth

The happy couple at the reception!-Marideth and Jesse

The cake!

Cutting the cake-You can really see her dress here, it was really pretty!

Chris and I towards the end of the evening- I was SO tired! My feet were huge and I am pretty sure that I was maybe experiencing some contractions? Not sure though. My body had just had enough! I know that Megan had said that after we got back to the hotel she had time-able contractions throughout the night. It is crazy what a long, HOT day can do to your body! My Yoga instructor who is also a Doula told me that we were lucky that we did not put ourselves into labor! Yikes.

And last but not least, us girls wearing our guy's jackets!
Megan, Emileigh, Marideth and I

It was a long drive there and back, but a super fun weekend!


The Buchingers said...

Had a great time with you guys and the family!

Rachel and John said...

Your bump looks so cute in that dress!