Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My very first "Mother's Day" to be.

This requires some back story.
A couple of years ago (4) before Chris and I got married, for one of our showers I received this as a gift from one of Chris's aunts.



"For those who have found their true partner in love and life"

At first I was like Wow, thank you so much! but thinking "hmm...this is not so much our style..."

Little did I know what this one little figurine would come to mean to me over the next couple of years and begin to symbolize: Our married relationship, our commitment to one another, the love we have for each other etc. When I look at it, it just reminds me of fun times from that period of our lives, planning our wedding and all of the things the beginning of a relationship entails. I could go on and on.

A couple of months ago Chris's Aunt Barb, who has kinda been like a second Mom in his life and very close to their family, gave us this for our 4 year anniversary present.

Our Gift

Our Gift

"Our bright, joyful gift!"

Instantly I became all emotional and started to tear up. Wow. That is going to be us in a couple of months...holding our precious baby. How could something like this mean so much to me?

So of course I started to realize that for Mother's Day I would like nothing more than the figurine of the pregnant girl. Could I really be starting to enjoy these, and possibly wanting to collect them? Me?

I guess so. :) It just goes to show how people can change over the years.

So Sunday morning I woke up to Chris lying my little present in a box on my bed with a very sweet card. Of course he had remembered (with some help from his Aunt so I didn't see it on our bank account, sneaky boy...I thought maybe he forgot.) So yeah, I was pretty happy. :)



"Awaiting a miracle"

I love it, it is so cute! And the saying is so true, he is such a precious, little miracle. Here are just a couple more that I hope to maybe receive in the future:

This one after the baby is born:

New Life

New Life

"Celebrating the miracle of new life"

And maybe this one next year for our anniversary!



"Love ever endures"

It was a special day. :)


Rachel and John said...

That's a beautiful story! I love having objects that have such great meaning! I hope you get the anniversary one too.

Robyn said...

Hello...I've been reading your blog for a while but this is my first comment. I just wanted to say that I love my Willow People. They are beautiful and they mean a lot to me too. I've been collecting them since right before DH and I got married as well. It's like I almost can't wait for new steps in our lives so I can get another one.

Congratulations on your baby boy, and I,too, hope you get the others that you want. They are all beautiful.

Sarah said...

I love WIllow Tree! I have all the figurines pictured sitting about our house! :)

Mrs. Grant said...

I love Willow Tree Angels! I am surprised hubby didn't get me one for mother's day! hmmph now I am jealous, but still thrilled about the diaper bag goodies I did get!

Joel and Cindy said...

I got the same one! :) I love those figurines :)

Kaymee said...

I love Willow Tree, and I don't have that angel yet! It will definitely be a must buy in my near future. Thanks for sharing that story...it was beautiful!

I left an award for you on my blog :)

Southern Loves said...

That is SO precious!! I collect these as well!! :-D