Thursday, May 13, 2010

20 Week Survey!

HOLY MOLY!!! The babe is half way done cookin. How in the world did that happen? It is exciting and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I probably would not be so nervous if our project upstairs would just get finished already but it seems to be taking FOREVER!! Alright, on to the fun stuff.

How far along?
20 Weeks! Out of the teens!
Total weight gain/loss: +2.5 lbs. Ok, I am starting to think that maybe my scale is broken. It is totally rebelling against me. How in the heck is this possible?! 17 lbs. total
Maternity clothes? yes and no
Sleep: Awesome...just wake up now and then to re-adjust. Still super tired, not matter how much sleep I get, ever since the whole kidney stone incidents last week. It's like I cannot recover!
Best moment this week: Mother's Day Weekend...OH and Chris talking to the baby. It was hilarious. You had to be there. Ohhhh and getting my baby legs order in the mail, they are freakin adorable!!!!
Movement: Yep! It is inconsistent and sporadic though.
Food cravings: Nothing in particular anymore. Things just do not sound good sometimes.
Gender: BOY! Can't wait to see him again next week.
Labor Signs: nope
Belly Button in or out? Innie still
Stretchmarks? Nothing noticeable yet. Thank goodness!
What I am looking forward to: The big ultrasound next week!
What I miss: Not being sore from sitting all day.
Weekly Wisdom: Stand if you can. Stretch. Move around.
Milestones: Well I feel like I am getting bigger, my bump is getting harder, and the baby's movements are more definite which is really cool. And we started our registries...and bought the furniture!

I have a feeling I am going to be huge.

Siggy what in the world are you doing down there you silly puppy. He has to be the center of attention, he is so funny. :)

All the weight in the bump I guess? Everything else still fits me normally, so who knows!

Also, here is what our furniture looks like, I love it sooo much!! It is the Hamilton Chocolate Collection from Baby Italia. They just came out with it, which was perfect timing since we were having trouble finding a set that we liked.


Ashley Paige said...

yay for baking halfway! i remember reaching the halfway point and thinking time was FLYING then- i'm now 28 weeks and can't decide if i want time to slow down for a bit! loev your bump- you look fab! keep on bakin', baby otsie! :)

Rachel and John said...

I love that ice cream!
YAY for being halfway done. That's so exciting!! I love the furniture!

Nlvaden said...

You look great!!! Have you thought of any names for him yet? If you dont want to share with me I understand... :( j/k

Pippy said...

Congrats on 20 weeks! You're halfway there!!

Vanessa said...

Woohoo happy half baked day!!!

Jennifer said...

You look great! I love the's so pretty! Yea for being halfway there. :)

羅NohemiL信幸 said...

百發百中不是一試就成的。 ..................................................

Mrs. Grant said...

You look great! Congrats on half baked!!!