Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm so proud....

Of my husband Chris.
On Saturday he graduated from Spring Arbor with his Bachelors degree for Social Work. Chris has worked so hard in school, ever since I have known him. When we first met he was just finishing up his associates degree as a Pharmacy Technician. Right after that he acquired another associates as a Surgical Technologist, and then he finally realized what he was passionate about: helping people. Soon after he started his classes to get his BSW and for the first time decided to walk this year. It was such a great day! He is consistently working hard in school, to reach his goals and the job that he would like to achieve one day. In the fall he will start again, getting his Master for Social Work, and another Masters in Public Administration. Two masters degrees, at one time. And he works full time at the hospital. OH and we are having a baby. Like I said, hard worker. I am proud. :)

This was right after he walked across the stage.

Chris and I in front of their sign.

Chris, his parents and I.

Emileigh, Nathan, Chris and I

Chris and I at the Claddagh Irish Pub, where we went out to eat afterward.

Overall it was a very fun day! Love you Chris. <3


DomestiKatie. said...

Congrats, Chris!
So funny...when I met Chris, I was a student at SAU.
And had we never met, I wouldn't have been nearly as close with you as I am!

I'm so so happy for you guys, I can't express that enough. And I feel so lucky to have seen everything unfold from the beginning!


Anne said...

Katie, I know, it is incredible and crazy all at the same time when you think about it! We live in such a small world. <3

Vanessa said...

Congrats to your hubby!! You have such a cute bump!

The Buchingers said...

Yay for his graduation..we had so much fun too! BTW you looked so pretty there! Your bump was fabulous and you were rocking the dress you wore!

love ya!

Anne said...

Aww thanks Emileigh, we were so glad everyone could make it down! :)