Monday, May 10, 2010

As Chis would say....Oy Vey.

I feel so out of the loop in the blogging world, so behind on posts I have been wanting to write, and comments I have been wanting to leave.

Thursday I got ANOTHER kidney stone!!! TWO. In ONE WEEK. Needless to say last week was rough. I feel like I am still exhausted from it all. I guess when I was in the ER from the first one they saw it waiting there to descend in my right kidney. Not sure why they failed to mention that!
Honestly I do not want to complain at all because I am so thankful that the rest of this pregnancy has been really great so far, but dang. Anyways, I am on some meds that sorta helped me get through the weekend. But it sounds like this may be something I just may have to deal with during pregnancy. So we will see I guess....!

With all that being said, we had a super busy weekend as usual. I still was not feeling up to par but sucked it up. Saturday we had an appt. to choose carpet for the upstairs, started registering and a graduation party. Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day, ran errands, did yardwork (well Chris did while I napped) cooked dinner and primed some more of the upstairs. I was so tired all day today!

And OH. MY. GOSH. I am almost 20 weeks. That is insane. I love it. And baby boy is all kicking away as I type, it is awesome.

OH!!! And Megan had an appt. with the specialist today, and baby girl is looking perfect and the heard looks great. Praise God!!!

Mother's Day Post to come tomorrow...maybe. Hopefully.


Ang said...

Anne, you are such a positive and gracious person. Your gratitude and joy is so beautiful...even when you're in great pain AGAIN. :)

20 weeks already?! crazy.

So glad to hear about Megan's baby's good report too!

Nlvaden said...

Glad you are OK for now. Tons of pg women get kidney stones, but I am suprised you do with all the water you drink!

Rachel and John said...

Yikes! It's so great that you remain positive. I hope you dion't have any more stones after this.

Mrs. D said...

I really love how you are so positive while going through such a crappy thing! I hope you get feeling better really soon!!

Mitzi G.!! said...

How are you so upbeat after 2 kidney stones......can you please share your happy pills....hahaha!!

You are a breathe of freash air & I thank you for that!!

Anne said...

Awww thanks ladies. Although I do not feel like I deserve the loving comments, I am thankful for the support!