Wednesday, May 19, 2010


My boss just came up to me and asked me when I was due again, and when my maternity leave would end.
Ok, I know he had good intentions, trying to plan for the company etc. but seriously?
I was like ummm...well....that depends on certain factors. I could have the baby early. I could have the baby late. There is really like a 6 week window there. And then, depending on what happens, my disability is 6 weeks, unless for some reason I have to have a c-sec, then I get 8. OH and not to mention my two weeks of vacation. I was like honestly, I could be back in October, November or December, depending.
I'm sorry, I cannot guess when my baby will choose to make his entrance into the world.
It was just somewhat comical. And once again...really?! Oy.

On a lighter note, our BIG ultrasound is tomorrow. I am praying that everything looks ok. Also looking forward to confirming once more, that it is in fact a baby boy in the bump.
AND!!!! I saw my belly move from the outside on Sunday night. It was awesome. :)


Rachel and John said...

Bosses just don't get it. Especially male bosses. YAY for seeing your belly move! I bet that's a weird but cool thing.

julie said...

Eash, I hope your boss doesn't pester you too much. And YAY for belly moving! :) It is the coolest thing.

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

At least you know they like you! LOL.

So exciting about the belly moving! And good luck with the big ultrasound!

The Buchingers said...

How exciting to see movement from the outside! Isn't it so great! Don't worry about your boss...he will figure something out and when baby boy does make his debut into the world then he will definitely know when you will be back. Don't sweat it Anne!

Love ya and had a great weekend at Chris's graduation!