Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blog Slacker

That is me.

I have wanted to post but things have been busy, and I usually try to post at work sometimes when I am slow, but we have been super busy here as well!

There have been a lot of things that I have wanted to write about on and off, but also nothing too exciting has been happening, so I haven't been.
Regarding my doctor's ultrasound came back completely normal. Then they wanted to do blood work. That also came back completely normal. Both good news for sure, but still doesn't pinpoint what was wrong with me. They put me on a 24 hour clear liquid diet. That was a lot of fun. Let's face it, I love to eat, and drinking liquids for an entire day just isn't my style. But I sucked it up and once it was over had a yummy dinner. Anyways ever since then I have been on Prilosec and Zantac. They seem to help I guess, I haven't had any issues ever since, so that is terrific. I am just wondering if this is something that I will have to take forever? Who knows...once my script runs out I will def. by calling and asking some more questions. We will see how it goes I guess.
He said at my first appointment that if it wasn't my gallbladder that he thought it was gastritis. I looked in up online and pretty much sounds like exactly what I was dealing with, the only thing that I could figure out what it may have been brought on by was stress.
Yep, stress.
Stress about TTC maybe?? Hmm....
So this month, I have been trying not to think about it too much. I have been working out normally again, which has been awesome. I have even been training to run in my first marathon. That has really taken my mind off of things. It will be the Fifth/Third River Bank Run in May. I am still debating whether or not it will happen depending on if I was to get pregnant before then. I am only doing the 5K so the training isn't too vigorous. I hate running. But this has been forcing me to do it, and I always feel so good afterward. The training schedule even allows days where you are either off, or just walking for like 25-35 minutes. So easy, I can do that! Usually on those days I will try to do a spin class though.
Also, no temping again, and no ovulation sticks. I know I am O'ing, we are doing what we need to do, so it will happen when it happens I guess.

So right now we are on Cycle #4. Another reason I have not been posting is because we are just in the same situation as the past couple months. Nothing has happened thus far, and I don't want to keep writing posts about when I start my period and how I'm emotionally distraught for a short time. It's just not fun reading. :)

And I am in the two week wait again. Honestly, as awkward as this may sound, I feel different this month. It almost scares me to say it. I am hopeful. It's like I just have this feeling, and wouldn't it be so typical? I was talking about this with my sister last night. Because in the past I made so many statements about how I just so badly wanted a baby in the Fall and how if it came to having one around Christmastime I wouldn't focus too much on that. I just really didn't want another December birthday to worry about, and it's too close to Christmas. But now I realize that that is just asinine. Not to mention that IT'S NOT IN MY CONTROL. But let's get serious here. Are we really going to skip a month because of a Holiday. Ummm...absolutely not. And especially not after trying the past couple months. But here's the thing...I will never live that down if it happens. And it was stupid to ever say anything of that sort. Like I said...things are getting interesting. I am trying not to think about things to much, not to get my hopes up. But it's too darn hard not to.


Unknown said...

I totally understand the stress! I finally stopped charting and going on "The Bump" so much because I was getting obsessive!

To answer your comment from my blog, the darn girl won't call me back, now! I sent her pictures and now nothing. It's not like the pictures are bad, either, my house is really cute and well decorated (I know I"m not exactly impartial, but seriously!). I don't know what's going on!! And thank you for thinking of me! I'm kind of nervous, but mostly excited to get moving on TTC!

Chatham said...

I agree with JLT, it is so easy to get obsessive. Don't think holidays, summer, so and so's wedding... Father Time and Mother Nature do not play well together.

Anne said...

Jessica-Hopefully that chick just got busy and isn't giving you the run around. I have stopped going on "The Bump" so much as well, it is just hard though. It becomes an addiction...and I like keeping up with what is going on in the other people's lives! I think it's a sign that you got into your RE so early. :)

Chatham-You are so absolutely right.

Ryan said...

Thanks for posting Anne.

I've been thinking of you lots.

..and I love reading your thoughts....probably even when you don't think it's 'fun reading'.

i like 'real'. and you are. very.

still praying and hoping.


Ang said...

that was not Ryan.

don't tell him. lol.

He *hates* when I accidentally use his accounts :)

I guess I posted on our blog in his name a couple of times too.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there... I hope your feelings are right and you're making a little one as I type this! Good luck!