Friday, March 13, 2009

Doctor Appointment

So I have an appointment today at 4 pm. I am pretty sure that I am having gallbladder attacks. It has been happening for almost a year now, but recently they have been getting worse and more frequent. The final straw was last week when I had one at work after eating something that wasn't even that bad (half a sandwich and a salad), I cannot deal with that at work!! I am the first person people see when the walk in, and I have to answer the phone constantly. And that is really hard to do with terrible pain and discomfort. After a couple days I thought about canceling my appointment and trying to suck it up but then I had two more at home last week, so nope, I decided to definitely go today. And anyways, I should really probably get this taken care of before I get pregnant. I couldn't imagine being pregnant, dealing with morning sickness and then getting attacks....uhhh that would be awful!! Hopefully we find something out tonight.


Sean said...

How did everything go at your doctors appointment?

Anne said...

Ugh..I have totally been meaning to update but have been procrastinating hardcore. I will soon, I promise. Hopefully tomorrow?

Ang said...

maybe tomorrow? pleeease.


hope you are doing okay.