Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I want.....

a Baby Bump.

That is all.


Ang said...

Maya prayed for you tonight.

I told her about my friend Anne who really wanted to be a Mommy.

"Like Kara?" she said (our friend who just became a Mommy after lots of prayer).

Me: "Yes," I said.

Maya:"Does she have toys?"

Me:"I don't know."

Maya:"Does she have a bouncer? We tud div her our bouncer! Does she have a trib? we tud div her our trib!"

Me: "But where will Sophie sleep?"

Maya:"In my bed, wiff me!!"

She is definitely invested now. We'll keep praying.

Nlvaden said...

me 2....

Anne said...

Oh my, I should not have read these comments at work, it made me start to cry a little. Thank you both!!!