Saturday, February 21, 2009

Anne Shirley.

Plain, old, unromantic Anne Shirley.

I am watching Anne of Green Gables. I love this movie, I have watched it since I was little. My family got the series for me for my Birthday. It is such a great classic, I really recommend it.

Well, once again, Cycle 2 was a bust.
I spotted a little last night and had some bad cramps, so I knew it was coming, and then this morning I started my period. Big surprise.
What is frustrating is that my cycle this month was only 24 days. I am just not used to this, and it bothers me that my luteal phase was only 11 days long.
It is just sinking in more and more that for some reason maybe we are just not meant to have a baby this year. And honestly the more I think about it, I am fine with this.
The part that I am not fine with is the fact that I still do not know if we can even conceive, because I have never gotten pregnant.
If I only knew that Chris and I were both completely healthy and fine and able to conceive, my mind would so much more at ease.
And I guess that is where Faith and Hope come in.


Ang said...

Okay. I'll start praying.

Just found this blog. It is too sweet.

Love you!

Anne said...

Hey, you have no idea how long I have been waiting for a comment from you!! =) I can't believe it took so long. And thank you so much. We are excited, it's just hard being patient.