Saturday, February 7, 2009

Great Week

Ok, so I am officially 24. And this week has been amazing.
I got a positive OPK this morning, which I always get incredibly excited when I see those two pink lines!! I also took a test last night just out of curiosity. I know that my urine was quite diluted...but there was a faint line. I am not sure whether to count that or not. But either way the hubbs and I have been doing the baby dance about every other day so it's all good and hopefully something good is happening down there as we speak!! No temp. spike yet so hopefully I will see that tomorrow morning. As for right now, I am once again over analyzing every little twinge and pain down in my ute. I swear I have been experiencing some ovulation pain this morning. Anyways, I really just want to chill out and relax today, unfortunately I am quite anxious. I have been on and off for like two days, I keep trying to stay calm but some reason it's been hard, it is driving me crazy!! Well my in-laws are coming over soon, we are going to celebrate my Birthday tonight. I have tons of stuff to do, I need to get the house tidey-ed up and get ready yet...hopefully once I get some stuff done I will feel better. Ok well, for right now I am just praying that a little miracle is occuring.
**Please Lord, let me body cooperate. God you know our desires. Please bless us with a miracle. We love you.**

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