Thursday, February 12, 2009

Awesome Birthday Present

So one thing that I really really wanted for my Birthday was a Heart Rate Monitor, and preferably one that also told how many calories you burned when you were done working out. Low and behold my in-laws got me this:
It is sweet! I have only used it a couple times so far, but I really like it. You can set it so that it knows that you want to be within a certain range, and if you are either below or over the range it beeps at you. There is function when you are done to not only see the calories burned, but to see how far you went/worked out for, and how long. Not only that but it has some sort of special sensor that blocks out other heart rate monitors from interfering with yours, therefore no getting a mixed signal from someone else.
This will be great when I get pregnant eventually because I really want to stay active, but I guess you aren't supposed to let your HR get over 12o bpm. Which let me tell, is VERY easy to do. Basically that is brisk walk. I guess once that happens all I'll really be doing is walking Niles alot and doing yoga. Which I am totally content with.

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