Friday, June 22, 2012

Graydon-20 Months Old

There are so many things that I want to remember about Graydon right now. I hope to remember most of them in this post. I wish I would have kept up on my blog over the past 8 months. Life just gets busy!

Foods he loves to eat: Most fruits! Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, little oranges, watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, grapes.  Yogurt, eggs, cheese, turkey, ravioli, spinach filled pasta, macaroni and cheese, broccoli, carrots, avocado, cereal bars, crackers, pretzels, fruit snacks, pizza, popsicles, spaghetti, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, pancakes.  He is a fairly good eater but will definitely let you know if he wants more or is all done, or doesn't want it at all. He mostly drinks water and milk. His milk is a 50/50 mixture of Coconut milk and organic whole milk.  Sometimes if we give him juice, we will put a little apple juice in his water.

Loves his bathes and really loves to splash lately. Loves to put his toes and feet up out of the water so we can wash them. Like to lean on his elbows and float on his stomach. Will put his mouth down and drink the water sometimes, sooo gross LOL. Does a great job of closing his eyes and letting us dump the water over his head. Likes to play with his fishies and ducky in the water.

Graydon had eczema issues until this past Spring. It is mostly cleared up now except for a few spots on his left thigh. His face has totally cleared up since all of his teeth came in and he stopped drooling too.  Although he has been drooling a lot again the past week or so and he keeps biting on his fingers so I think his two year molars are starting to come in.

Graydon goes to Marci's Day Care right now, Monday through Thursday.  He has been going there for about a month and a half now and loves it. He loves Daisy, their prairie dog, and all of their kitties.  He can say all of the other children's names really well. They have a great little train table there and lots of balls that he loves to play with! Sometimes he doesn't want to leave and we have to carry him out. He adjusts so well, and even sleeps in a toddler bed there, even though he still sleeps in his crib at home.

Gray loves to go to the park, run around and play outside, and especially loves to swing! I loves to kick and throw balls around.  He also does really well in the jogging stroller if I take him running.
He has not had a ton of time being in a pool but I hope to change that more this summer! The few times we have been in one the water has been chilly and he gets nervous when he isn't touching the bottom.

He could care less about watching TV. I keep waiting for this one to change, but nope. He would much rather read his books. He could read them all day long! His favorites right now are: "How Do I  Love You", a Pop up Book from Grandma Lyn, the Gorilla Zoo book, the little nursery rhyme books and any Elmo books.
Graydon love to play with his Melissa and Doug-Things that Move puzzle and loves to stack his animal blocks.

Saying Graydon loves to sing E-I-E-I-O is an understatement! It is his favorite song by far. He also can sing parts of Bah Bah Black sheep, and he is getting to know Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and his ABCs. 

He doesn't love getting his teeth brush but we manage through. He loves the ABC toothbrush he got from Grandma Jeanne and Grandpa "Bob Bob" this past Christmas but it's getting the point of needing to be tossed away. 

Graydon loves visiting Chris's parents. He has been calling Bob "Bob Bob" now for a couple of months and it is seriously hilarious. Just within the past two weeks he started calling Jeanne Grandma. He talks about them all the time and whenever he pretends to be talking on the phone he says "Hi Bob Bob!" It is so cute! When he goes over there he gets obsessed with seeing the "birdie", this battery operated talking parrot that repeats what you say. He loves to swing in his little swing, and loves to play with the lawn ornaments (little and big rabbit and dear.)  Last time we were there we did laps around there house just chasing robins. He is seriously obsessed with birds, lol.

He loves to ride carousels!

Graydon will try to repeat anything now but there are some phrases he says all the time. I wanna see....DaDa, Mama, Niles, Siggy, Bob Bob etc.  I drank my milk. I love you. Night night Mama, DaDa. More please. Help please. I pooped. All done. Take a bath. Paci go night night. Read books. Hi Mama. Tickle tickle tickle. Ucky poo poo, toes, water etc.  I want cheese! Buckle Buckle Buckle!
I know there are way more, I just cannot remember them right now!

I have to throw in too that Graydon for the longest time could not say horsey and would say pursey. Sometimes not enunciating the R. It is pretty funny.

My favorite outfits that he has right now that I love to dress him in are: His green, gray and white alligator shirt and flowered shorts, his blue shorts and orange tank with the whale on it, his white giraffe shirt with matching brown shorts, gray elephant shirt with gray shorts, green and blue jumper with the car on the front, green jumper with bugs on it, blue and orange alligator pjs, gray and lime green blue monster pjs, gray pjs with the animals on them. Oh and his green crocs. They are SO cute on them and the easiest shoes ever, I love them! He wears some 24 month clothing and mostly 2T. Size 7 shoes.

Like I mentioned earlier, Graydon is still sleeping in his crib for now but we will transition him to a bed in the next couple of months.  He sleeps with a couple blankies, his Elmo, his red and white bear and his seahorse, although he is not attached to any of them. He also still likes to use his Paci when he sleeps.

Gray liked sitting on his potty now and then like two months ago, but right now he will not have anything to do with it.  We first got it when he was 18 months, and he even pooped on it the first two times we sat him on it. Nothing since then, haha!

He loves to hang from my chin up bar in the living room. He loves to be thrown around by Chris. Chris can get him laughing so's adorable.  And he is ticklish, just like his Daddy!

Graydon got his first big boy haircut a couple weeks back (like really short big boy haircut.) It is all cute and spikey on top, and everywhere we go people comment on it! He is SO blonde too....people will says things like "Oh my gosh his hair is so cute" or "Cool hair dude!" It cracks me up.

He loves to come upstairs to our bedroom with us. He knows to take his shoes off if he wants to climb up on the bed. The other day I was lying down because I didn't feel well and he kept climbing up onto Chris's pillow next to me and saying "I jump!" and then he would leap onto the rest of the bed on his stomach. They he would go " I funny!!" and was so cute. He also likes to run behind our clothes and hide in the closet. He truly does think he is hilarious.  When we come down the stairs, he knows to shut off the light, and then shut the door.

Whenever we get into the car he jumps into his seat and goes Buckle Buckle Buckle! It is so funny. I guess Chris taught him that, and he has been saying it for so long now that I didn't even notice it until the daycare lady asked me if we sang him a buckle song when we put him in his car seat. I couldn't help but laugh!

I think that is all for now. :)

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