Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Graydon's First Birthday Party!

Graydon's First Birthday Party was SUCH a fun, special day for us all.  I cannot believe how fast that first year flew by, and our little munchkin got big so fast! I knew for a long time that for Graydon's first party that I wanted to do a "Fall" theme since he was born in October, and that I wanted to go as all out as I possibly could within our budget of course! I was thankful for Pinterest, which helped me get a lot of great ideas.  We used a ton of Mums, Pumpkins, hay bales etc. for decorations. Food consisted of Shepherd's Pie, a couple of different hearty soups, and artisans breads. We had hot and cold cider to drink, and a table full of cake and fall-like desserts.  At the last minute we ended up hiring a photographer to take pictures for us...I did not want to forget a single detail of Graydon's Birthday! Almost everyone near and dear to our hearts were able to attend, with the exception of a few special people/family who didn't live nearby, or had to work, but it was still amazing.  People were so incredibly generous with Graydon's gifts too...we are so blessed! He got a big giraffe, an amazing bookshelf with his name on it, several awesome books, clothes, toys etc. It was so much fun getting to open it all.  His cake was not exactly how I wanted it to look but it turned out to taste amazing, so I was happy about that! His smash cake on the top was of course, a small (actually it was quite large!) orange pumpkin.  He didn't make too big of a mess..he took a couple bites and was done. He wanted to just get down and play!  We were also very thankful for everyone who was able to help us set up, tear down, cook food, etc. We could not have done it without help from our friends and family!  And then on the way home our one vehicle broke down, LOL!  I was so thankful to God that it happened after the party was over and not before, which would have been a huge stress.  Everyone ended up coming together perfectly!

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