Thursday, January 14, 2010

We have a plan....sort of.

So at the appointment today we discussed Chris' results from his tests on Monday. Ultrasound-normal. Bloodwork-normal, but in the "low" normal range. So, the urologist's idea was to put him on clomid, to help give his pituitary gland a boost and help his hormone levels raise in hopes that it will create healthier sperm. Once again, his count it good, but for some reason his morphology is not so great, and either is the motility.
I, will also be on a low dose of clomid of 50 mg. When I showed my OB my charts she said it looked like I was ovulating but that she really could not confirm it (I do not have any fertility issues that we know of.) Being on the clomid will help insure that I ovulate (hopefully, but I don't really have reason to worry since I am pretty sure that I do), and also give us better chances of our IUI working.
So we are both going on clomid (weird huh?), and then the IUI fun begins. We are praying that this works.
Also making an appointment with the RE soon. I have been putting it off. I just do not want to "go there" yet. My OB told me today that she will support our decisions but after a couple IUIs then we really need to go and see him. I know this of course. I also know that she is skeptical about the IUI's working because of the super low morphology, which from what I read does not even make us candidates for having an IUI, which I have yet to understand but whatever. We are praying for a miracle here, and I am not yet in a position where I am ready for someone to tell us that we need to move to IVF.
So yep, there is the plan.


Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I really, really, really hope the Clomid works for both of you! Good luck!

Anne said...

Thanks...I really really really hope so too!!!

Jennifer said...

So glad you have a plan! Praying the clomid works for you guys!

BabyFeverBlog said...

We were in a similar situation a few months ago and it happened to us - don't lose hope. Believe me, seeing an RE was a difficult decision for us but they also have more expertise in this area and could possibly get more accurate results with their tests.