Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009 in Pictures

January- "Celebrating for what we thought would be the last time as we started TTC."

February- "Birthday celebration for my brother Jesse and I, with our family."

March- "Chris at Six One Six, celebrating our 3rd Anniversary."

April- "Maegan and I at her Bridal Shower (she is my BF from HS)."

May- "Casey and Maegan get married!"

June- "Megan, me and Emileigh at Em's baby shower."

July- "A joyful month as niece Nataleigh is born."

"A sorrowful month as nephew baby Liam is born still."

Liam Charles KELLY

August- "Chris' 29th Birthday!"

September- "My first race!"

October- "My in-laws 30th anniversary."

"Our 3rd anniversary of our wedding."


November- "Em and Mom celebrating more Birthdays!"

December- "Christmas"

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