Friday, January 22, 2010

Places I Shop

I'm joining Kate's "Show Us Your Life Friday" on my favorite places to shop. Wanna play along?

I really enjoy shopping, but I do not think that it is that much fun if you don't have the money to do it with. So unless I do, I stay away. :)

My two favorite stores to buy clothes are hands down Banana Republic (guilty pleasure) and Target. I also like the Gap, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Forever 21. And if you can find an outlet store for any of these, that is always a plus! I love a good bargain, but sometimes I don't have the patience to dig around in places like TJ, and Marsh.

For shoes I love love love Nine West and Aldos. Pretty much all of my shoes that I wear on a daily basis (I have to dress up for work every day) comes from one of these two places.

There are tons of cute speciality shops and boutiques in the area but they are SO insanely expensive. And let's face it, when you have a house, and you are trying to make a baby, those places just tend to not be budget friendly!

What about you, where do you like to shop?


Jennifer said...

I love the places you mentioned and I also love Ann Taylor Loft. As a kindergarten teacher, I dress up, but not in suits at all or dresses that much. I'm on the floor with the kids too much. So Target works for a lot of school clothes. I agree with not always wanting to dig through the stuff at TJ's. Ugh! I have to be in the mood for that!
Oh...I also used to shop at New York and Co all the time, but the closed the one in our mall. :(

Finn829 said...

I usually don't have the patience either for TJMaxx or Marshall's. I really only shop for home stuff there. I like the same places for clothes too & we live near an outlet mall that has Banana & Gap so that's where most of my recent clothes come from.