Thursday, January 14, 2010

Things just work out really weird sometimes.

I find this really ironic. I am currently missing this huge, double baby shower at my work right now. They are always from 12-1 so that people can come on their lunches. I even made a huge crock pot of soup for it. But nope, I have to skip my lunch today. I am sitting at my desk right now, eating, while everyone else is upstairs having fun. I am missing this baby go to another doctors appointment with Chris, for infertility issues. Like I said, ironic no? Maybe it is better this way, who knows. Maybe it would have been too hard. I know that I have been struggling really bad the last couple of days. Thinking bad, negative thoughts, getting upset all of a sudden. Coming home and laying in bed all night and just watching TV and not doing anything else.
It stinks.
Once again, we are hoping for some sort of "fixable" news today. I will update later.


lonesomedove said...

I am so sorry hon. I know that is really painful. I hope you have a good appt today.

S. said...

THIS is your year! You're in my prayers!

Jennifer said...

It's totally normal to feel that way. I have a very dear friend who went through this before me and she always tells me that whatever I am feeling is totally normal. I believe her. I know I've felt what you feel. I hope you got some great news today. We go for our second IUI tomorrow and I am choosing to believe it will work. :)