Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not so good news.

I don't want to write this right now.
I am basically just forcing myself because if I don't then I might forget certain details.
I finally called my doctor's office this morning to see if they had gotten Chris' test results back yet and she just finally called me a little while ago.
In her words, " There is definitely a major male factor present here." And this is probably why I am not getting pregnant. His count is phenomenal...350 million this time. But everything else just looks terrible. Less than 5% of them were Grade A swimmers, so he has very poor motility. She says, "In fact, 70% of them were not even swimming at all." They want at least 50% swimming. And as far as the critical morphology which was what they really wanted to look at, only 1% of them were good. And to be considered normal they want at least 14%.

So where do we go from here? She wants to see what the urologist says first. I guess they will be able to tell right away if something is up or not. My OB kept bringing up that maybe he has a Varicocele. And then I remember hearing our family doc. say that maybe it is just an infection or something. I am praying that it is one of the two.
If it is a varicocele then he will have to have an outpatient surgery, and then we will have to wait 3-4 months to try again for the sperm to regenerate.

If they don't see anything wrong with him in the visit then we are being referred to an RE (reproductive endocrinologist). She said that they are just way more thorough and will give us all our options and tell us what the chances are of conceiving.

Then she basically said that at this point an IUI is pointless because although that procedure helps motility, his morphology is bad enough that the sperm would just not be strong enough even if it was put up by the egg or whatever. And then she kept telling me she was sorry and that "Her heart goes out to me."

I am just hoping it is something fixable. I guess we will find out in two weeks.
I still have hope. This is just all very frustrating. And depressing.


Jessica said...

((hugs)) See the RE before you get really upset. They'll certainly do a more thorough SA. RE #1 told us our problem was the 2% morphology, but RE#2 promised that morphology was not as big of a deal as some though and that he had great success with IUIs. You know from my blog that we ended up getting lucky on our own and RE#1 was pushing us to do IVF. Do not lose hope!

Check out this blog written by a doctor. He has different views on morphology than the majority, and his site gave me a lot of hope when we were dealing with this same problem.


Good luck, and I will be thinking about you!!

Anne said...

Thank you, I cannot wait to check this blog out.

Nlvaden said...

It could be worse- at least now you have an answer and a place to start fixing things!

S. said...

I'm sorry you did not receive the kind of news you were hoping for, but I am glad that you are staying optimistic that there could be something fixable. stay strong! youre in my prayers!