Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hello Cycle #14.

At least I only had cramps for like an hour today, which was a nice change from last cycle.
I am also happy that my cycle was 26 days.
Still just trying to be patient until December 10th gets here.


Nlvaden said...

This new year is going to bring wonderful things for all of us. I really am glad that they found out what was going on and can now take steps to fix it and get you pregnant! (Then we can have play dates!) Your only what? An hour away from me? I just moved to battle creek so maybe a little more.

Anne said...

I have never been to Battle Creek, I have always wanted to visit there! I am thinking now that we probably won't be having a baby until 2011...especially if Chris needs surgery. By the time he gets things fixed, recovery time and then me getting pregnant...who knows how long that will all take! It is ok though, I have accepted it. :)

Nlvaden said...

Hey! I nominated you for an award, check out my blog.

BabyFeverBlog said...

Good luck in 2010!! Yay for a 26 day cycle.