Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Doctor's Appt.

So Thursday I had my yearly doctor's appointment with my OB, and it just happened to be at the end of my 12th cycle, so she was very receptive to speaking to me about what is going on here. She said that she definitely thinks that I will be able to get pregnant, just that we may need some help (duh, obviously!) She concluded this after looking at all of my temping charts that I brought in over the past year. She said she thinks that I am ovulating some months but not necessarily all of them, and that maybe Clomid would help with that. She also wanted me to get my blood drawn so they could run a bunch of tests. One of them was for my Progesterone which she said HAD to be drawn on Day 23 of my cycle (ok, why? I guess I didn't really understand this one, but whatev..she is the doctor), which just happened to be the next day. Which I already had an appt. scheduled at my family doc, and that is where I get my blood drawn because they have a lab there. I just keep thinking, seriously that worked out perfectly and was a coincidence or something. Luckily I do not have to wait a whole other cycle and get my blood drawn again. I cannot remember all the tests that she marked down for my labs, but the ones I remember are my progesterone, testosterone and prolactin levels. Also something for clamydia (I think?) I remember she marked that down when I asked about whether or not my tube/s could be blocked. She was like yeah, this test would show that. But let me just say, I DO NOT have that...so I am not sure what that was about. I know there were like 3 more tests. For some reason I cannot find my yellow carbon copy anywhere today, it seems to have disappeared. I was purposely saving it just for this blog post too...oh well.

So Friday I went in to my doctor on my lunch, and then went over and got my blood drawn. And I must mention, I had the best phlebotomist yet. She was amazing, I didn't even bruise. I am still waiting to hear back from my OB about the results. I sorta had the urge to call there today but I am going to wait another day or two. It's not like I can really do anything this cycle anyways, so what is the rush.
Now, regarding Chris. She thought it was super stupid that the doctor made him get another S/A 14 days later. She said that basically they were testing "the same batch of sperm." According to her, a man regenerates a whole new batch of sperm every two months. So yeah, she said that they should have waited two months to get another test. And also, if they did not test his "Critical Morphology" then the tests were pointless because that is what she needs to know regarding fertility. Basically he is going to have to get another S/A sometime next week, since that will be over two months since the first one.
Well that is all for now, hopefully I will get some news tomorrow!
Oh and I am still having cramps again tonight. I have not had them all day. What the heck?


Nlvaden said...

I am so happy your OB is being active in helping you with your dreams to become a mother! That is so exciting! I hope that you get some sort of answer.

Jessica said...

Progesterone should be drawn at 7dpo, when it peaks. Did you o on day 16? That would be why she said day 23, if so.

So glad you're getting to move forward with a good doctor on all of this!

Megnhope said...

Very Happy for you! Hope all works out!

Anne said...

Hmmm....that is interesting Jessica. I actually don't know when I O'd...I didn't temp at all last cycle because of our trip, but she did not say much about exact details. My cycle was 25 days, so I probably O'd sometime between day 10-15...who knows.

Krisito said...

Keep us updated on any news you get!