Thursday, October 30, 2014

Graydon-4 Years Old

Sometimes I wonder if this kid is an old soul. He is super smart....but then that 4 year old comes out.  I see both Chris and I's personalities in him. He definitely has our tempers sometimes and gets really frustrated. And then he is so sweet.  Also has the personality of an oldest child in my opinion. He is very stubborn and independent. He doesn't like it when Nora messes with stuff in his room or his toys, which he also tends to be very possessive of.  But when they are sharing nicely, it is so sweet to watch them play together!

Graydon currently attends Preschool, two days a week in the mornings.  He seems to love it, for which I am thankful. Of course I pray that he is a great student one day!!

At his 4 year doctor's appointment he weighed 37 lbs ( 60%), was 3 ft. 5 inches tall (66%) and his body mass index was in the 45%.  He is decently tall and lean!  He had to get four shots that day, along with the flu mist in his nose. He was NOT happy! Thankfully he passed his vision test with flying colors. I think all of our kids will have to get contacts/glasses someday, but hopefully not until high school or so!  He is wearing size 4T everything and some 5T shirts....  He wears size 11 toddler shoes.

Graydon can completely dress himself, put his shoes on, brush his own teeth, completely go to the bathroom on his own, and buckle himself into his 5-point harness car seat (we still have to tighten it sometimes).

He is a pretty good listener for the most part but if he is playing or distracted it can be hard to get his attention sometimes.  He is really good about picking up his toys when asked to.

He loves bath time still.

He is a great eater for the most part but has definitely been letting us know lately what he does and doesn't like.  It has surprised me recently how many fruits he doesn't currently prefer. But he seems to love strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, apples, and peaches.  He will not eat bananas and grapes right now and isn't a fan of pears anymore.  He loves yogurt and pancakes for breakfast. He still refuses to touch any sort of cereal which I think is so odd but oh well!
For lunch he prefers sandwiches and fresh veggies, or like grilled cheese and tomato soup. He likes hot dogs but isn't a fan of chicken nuggets anymore although he will eat them when he has to.  He of course LOVES mac n cheese, that is one of his favorites.  And of course cheese in general. 

He is very talkative and imaginative. He would play outside several times a day if he could and loves to run and jump around, and "dig for worms" of his favorite things to do!
We have to tell him constantly that he cannot bounce on the couch or wrestle on top of Nora! 

His favorite toys right now are probably his Ninja Turtles that he received for his birthday.

He still loves to read books with us of course.
His favorite TV shows right now are ANYTHING that has a Halloween theme, but he loves Wild Kratts, Curious George, Kung Fu Panda, Sofia the First.

He still loves to paint and put stickers on everything, but not really into writing letters yet at all. Although he can finally hold a pencil correctly, yay!

Graydon is really sweet and pretty excited about the new baby coming. He continues to say that he wants a little brother!

The kid still has the most amazing memory...I have no clue how he remembers stuff sometimes!!

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