Friday, October 24, 2014

Graydon- 4 Year Old Interview

So I am still working on Graydon's 4 Year post and pictures, but in the meantime, here is his interview! These are the same questions we asked him last year.

1. What is your name? Graydon

2. How old are you?  Four, I'm four mommy!

3. Do you know your Birth date?  No...  haha

4. What is your favorite color? Blue and my other favorite color is white...yeah. I like all the favorite colors in the world! And green too.

5. What is your favorite breakfast?  I like strawberries, apples, raspberries.
     Lunch?   Ham and cheese sandwich with mayo, tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots
     Dinner?  Mac n Cheese, rice with broccoli, peanut butter and jelly
     Snack?  Teddy Grahams
     Drink?  Juice and milk and water.  Grape and apple juice. Orange Juice.
     Fruit?   strawberries and raspberries and apples
     Vegetable?  tomatoes

6. What is your favorite toy?   My new grabber

7. What is your favorite thing to do?  Paint and put stickers on paper

8. What is your favorite television show?  Jake and the Neverland Pirates
     Second favorite?  Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 
     Movie?  Rise of the Guardians

9. What is your favorite shirt?  My ninja turtle shirt
     Hoodie?  My blue one
     Shoes? Orange tennis shoes

10. What is your favorite book?  The Princess Stories ( LOLOL)

11. What is your favorite farm animal?  Pig and horse and cow
      Wild animal?   lion
      Insect/Bug?  spider

 12. Who is your favorite/best friend?   Gage and Cloe and Adam and Nataleigh

13. Where is your favorite place to go?  Kangaroo Palace

14. What is your favorite thing to do outside?  Play baseball with Daddy. And you too mommy. And playing tag your it!
       At the park?  Umm play (haha)
15. What is your favorite holiday?  Christmas!

16. What is your favorite animal that you sleep with?  My little giraffe that is the same as my big giraffe.
      Are you afraid of the dark?   Uh yeah. I just like light. Light helps me see in the dark. I have to make sure there are no monsters opening my windows and coming into my room (!!!!)
      Favorite thing to do before bed?  Watch a movie and eat popcorn.

17. What do you want to be when you grow up?  A daddy! Like my Dad. (awwww omg tear...)
      Where do you want to live?  In a different house. And I would paint the house.

18.  What does Daddy do?  Umm WORK! And he makes dinner with you Mommy. Yep, that's what he does.

19.  What does Mommy do? do work too. Like crocheting is work for you to do. (lol)

20.  What makes you happy?  The sunshine

21.  What makes you sad?  People that hit me or that are not nice to me, that makes me sad mommy. (school?!)

22.  Do you want more brothers and/or sisters? More brothers

23. Favorite thing to do with Mommy?  Go to the park with you and Nora and me. 
      Daddy?  Go to the mall and play there.
      Nora?  Explore around the jungle (LOL)

24. Favorite thing to say?  Ummm...sometimes I say bad works. It's not nice. Only grownups can say bad words, not little children. (LOL)

25. Favorite Letter?  G 
     Number?  12

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