Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's a GIRL!

Wow, we are feeling very blessed right now! Not to mention a little overwhelmed.

Friday morning we had our big ultrasound. Most importantly, everything with the baby looked great according to the ultrasound tech. We were both very thankful for that. Praise God!!  I just feel like with all the health issues I had early on and all the meds I had to take....well, it made me a bit nervous.

She was able to get great shot that showed that the baby was a girl. There were 3 little perfect lines, so it was pretty obvious. We are so happy and excited!  Also, her heartbeat was around 141. Now we need to start thinking about some baby names. We have tossed a few around, but nothing too concrete yet. We also had to buy a couple of "pink" things afterward...tradition! We got some really cute stuff as congrats presents at Graydon's Birthday party Saturday as well. Once again, we feel so thankful and blessed.

Gender reveal at Gray's party.

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Sarah said...

How exciting!! I am so happy for you guys!! We are hoping for a girl too. :)