Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Graydon!

Wow...time truly does fly when you are having fun. Or maybe it just flies when you have a toddler!  I cannot believe he is 2 years old already.

This morning we let him have a cupcake first thing, and blow out candles.  He only ate a little of the frosting and then he acted afraid of the candles, lol.  He asked for fruit snacks too, so of course we gave them to him! After all, you only turn two once. Plus it is his "Golden Birthday." So I really feel the need to make it a good one. I feel bad that he is at daycare today. I should have taken the day off. Tonight we plan on eating some dinner and having some cake, and then this Saturday will be his Birthday party with our families.

And now, for some 2 year stats for Graydon:

He is -- lbs. and --  inches tall.  (I will get this in the morning!)
He can still fit into some 24 month clothes but wears a lot of size 2T.
Still wears size 5 diapers, which he has worn for quite some time now. He will sit on the potty occasionally and sometimes even go but for the most part he is not potty trained at all yet. 
He still loves almost all fruit.
He asks for fruit snacks and popsicles EVERY day.
He loooves cheese, applesauce, garlic bread and any sort of pasta.
He will eat turkey and hot dogs, but will pick at chicken or beef.
He drinks Original flavored Almond Milk vs. whole milk, and water. Once in a while we let him have some juice as a treat and he loves apple or orange juice.
He seems to love chocolate, especially M & Ms although it's rare that he gets them. But if we give him a cookie we typically won't eat it.
As of this week he is into his new "big boy room and bed!"
Loves taking baths especially if they have bubbles.
He loves to read, and especially loves to play with my iPhone. He will ask all the time to play ABCs or Old MacDonald.
He still really doesn't watch TV, but when he does he asks to watch "Thomas" aka Thomas the Train. That is the theme we are doing his Birthday party in this weekend.
For some reason he is obsessed with shoes.
Can sing all of his ABC's and count to 10.
Will try to repeat anything you say and is a huge talker. Like nonstop talking. He amazes me with some of the words he can pronounce, and also how he uses sentences in the correct context. He also likes to tell and show you things.  He usually says " Look at this Momma, look at this." etc.
If we are in the bathroom, he wants us to give him a vitamin. It's hilarious. We are pretty sure he thinks they are candy.
He does really well at either brushing his own teeth or letting you brush his, and if he sees his Daddy start to brush his teeth, Graydon has to brush his too.
His favorite songs to sing are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ABCs, The Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald and If You're Happy and You Know It.
He currently attends Marci's Daycare while we are at work. His little friends there are Cloe, Gage, and Payton.
He loves to call Grandma and Grandpa Bob on the phone.
Listens well for the most part, and can follow directions, but also really likes to test you to see if you will force him to do what you are asking.
He likes to hit our dog Niles. We try to be really consistent with teaching him that hitting the dog isn't kind and unacceptable, but, once again, gotta love the little stinker toddler personality.
He will say that there is a baby in my belly and likes to kiss it. It's adorable.
Likes to give kisses and hugs for the most part.
Does really well with going to bed and has for a long time. He doesn't ever hardly cry. He always shocks us with how well he does with things.
Graydon loves to be outside and running around. He especially loves swinging and going down slides.
Every time we drive by the mall he asks to "please go down the slide??"
He knows almost all animals. He loves to learn about animals in general. 
He really likes to play with buckles and zippers. Loves his books and puzzles.
He gets compliments all the time about how cute or handsome he is, and how he has "cool hair!"

Graydon has a terrific evening tonight. We had a nice dinner and he ate a ton. He had a bowl of chicken noodle soup, a piece and a half of bread, a bowl of macaroni and cheese, milk and juice, a popsicle, fruit snacks and a yogurt. Then he had a couple bites of frosting, lol. I do not know where he puts it all!! We also sang him Happy Birthday again and let him blow out his candles. His little present tonight was a little stuffed frog that sings Happy Birthday when you press his belly. I think he really likes it!

He also had a little party at daycare today, and for his present he got 5 different little matchbox vehicles and a Thomas the train. He is obsessed with the little cars...he has been carrying them around all night!

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