Sunday, September 21, 2014

Nora is 18 months old!

Oh my goodness....this sweet girl...she so has our heart and easily captivates our attention! Her spunky little personality and big cheesy grin gets to you so quick!  There are so many things that I want to say and write about her so that I do not's hard to know where to start!

Stats wise, she is 26 lbs. and 10 oz, which is 89%;  33 inches tall, 80% and her head comes in at only 50% at 18.25 inches.  We call her our little chunkamonk and we love her chubby cheeks, chin and thighs!
We wears 24-2T size shirts. Some 24 month pants are still a bit big, mostly in the waist and length but fit her great in the butt.  She is wearing 5-6 size shoes and boots. Her hair is finally long enough that I've been pulling it back into little ponytails or pigtails and I actually just cut her bangs for the first time yesterday! She wears size 4 diapers.
Her favorite outfits that I love to dress her in right now are her striped Wild at Heart with the gold heart shirt, any sort of leggings with her gray boots or little black dress shoes, her yellow shirt with the girl on the bike on it, and she just transitioned into some big girl pjs that are pink and have hearts on them. They are flannel and the shirt buttons up...Chris says she looks like a little old man and it's adorable! 

Nora is a pretty good eater. For breakfast she loves yogurt, cheerios and fruit, also pancakes or french toast. She loves to drink milk and water and juice occasionally.  Her favorite snacks are pretzels, goldfish, fruit, fruit snacks and applesauce. She is not a huge fan or sliced turkey or ham, but loves cheese, bread, pasta, cottage cheese, chicken noodle or tomato soup, steamed mixed veggies, hot dogs, chicken nuggest, mac n cheese.  I am constantly trying to introduce new foods to her!  She also uses a spoon and fork really well but still also uses her hands for things. Also need to mention how much she LOVES smoothies, especially from Costco (just like her big bro!) and of course, fruit snacks as well! She knows right where they are and likes to go and get them, haha!

She is a great sleeper and typically sleeps from like 8:30 pm to 7 am along with a 2 hour nap in the afternoon depending on how active we have been that day. She does great sleeping in her crib but I'm pretty sure she would love sleeping with us every night if we let her!

She loves to copy everything that Graydon does and is pretty smart! She loves to play with and carry around her "babies". Her and Gray both love to take toys from one another which is sort of aggravating and starts a lot of little fights but I think that is normal between siblings. We are constantly working on "sharing!"

She is great about brushing her teeth and washing her hands and also loves bath time.
Lately she has been teething and has at least 9 teeth all the way through!

She is learning new things very quickly and says a lot of new words now, along with trying to say more new ones daily. I would say that she can say at least 30-40 words!  Her favorite words or phrases are:   Hi, bye bye, no or no no, yeah!, night night, mama, dada, Niles, gogurt, please, get down, get out, milk, beep beep, book, baby, toes, shoes, socks, poop, oww or owie. The last two weeks she started putting words together, and will say things like yes please, no night night, bye bye dada, Hi Tucker (that is our little friend). She will also name animals and the ones she is best at is duck, quack quack, puppy ruff ruff, kitty meow meow, monkey ooh ohh ahh ahh, horsey and if she sees a dinosaur she LOVES to go ROAAARRR!! It's hilarious. I know this is a lot more that I am just forgetting! :)

Some other little things are that she knows most of her body parts, she can go up and down the stairs really well and loves to run. She will help Graydon pick up and put away the toys and can stack blocks along with starting to do some bigger block Melissa and Doug puzzles.  She loves to jump up and down, and dance, along with listen to music. She points to pictures and can name or recognize family members along with animals. She loves books right now and loves to read as well!

Nora definitely likes to watch TV with her brother. She loves Curious George, Daniel Tiger, Sofia the First and Thomas the Train. Graydon wasn't really into TV much at her age, but I think she watches it a lot more than he did because he is older now so she does what he does etc.

Nora can be outgoing and say hi to everyone we pass in the store when she wants to be, but is mostly shy especially if caught off guard. She has been doing really well lately when we put her into the nursery at church or at MOPS and does well playing with the other kids as far as I know. No crying lately when we drop her off, so that has been great!

Speaking of crying, she is definitely starting to throw some little fits her and there and exerting her independence of when and what she likes to do and when she doesn't etc! She also likes to scream and shriek at times.

We haven't really started potty training her much yet, and I think I will wait until after her second birthday, although she will grab her diaper and say poop sometimes!

I think that is about all for now regarding Nora! :)

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