Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Three Months Old

Once again, I am a little behind on my blogging.
Ok, who am I kidding, I am WAY behind!
I still have pictures to post from Halloween for Pete's sake! But that is OK. :)
I am a full-time working Mom, and I need to embrace the fact that we are insanely busy. I already feel like I do not see Graydon enough in the evening as it is, let alone try to fit some blogging in. :) I miss it though, and I also miss keeping up on what is going on with other people and comment on their blogs. So if I haven't stopped by in a while, I am truly sorry!

Graydon is over 3 months now. I cannot believe how much he is changing so quickly! I know I keep saying that but it is true.

At his "2 month appointment" which he was actually 10 weeks at the time, Graydon weighed 11 lbs. He had only gained 2 lbs. in 8 weeks and was only in the 25th percentile for his weight. BUT he was in the 85th percentile for his height. I am pretty sure that he has definitely gained some more weight and gotten bigger in the past couple of weeks.

We are mostly cloth diapering now 100% of the time. Once in a while we will use a disposable if we are going somewhere or are in a hurry. They fit him very well now on the smallest setting. I am thinking that soon though we will have to move him up a size. He is still in size 1's for disposables. He can fit into size 2's but they are still a little big.

Graydon is mostly wearing 3-6 month clothing. Once again, he is soooo long that his pants get short. Today I put him in a 6 month outfit and it fit him perfectly! Then again, it was this Jumping Beans brand from Kohls, and I have never used their outfits on him before. Add in his cloth diaper fluffy butt and he REALLY needs bigger pants, haha!

He is sleeping SO well for the most part. We feel insanely lucky! Once he hit 12 weeks it was like he flipped a switch. He is sleeping every night by 10 pm, and usually wakes up right around 5 am. Thank you Graydon for 7 hours of sleep! He has been doing this for almost two weeks now and since we both work early it has been terrific. He also naps throughout the day pretty well most of the time.

He is slowly but surely starting to be more of a snuggler and I love love LOVE it. When he is tired and puts his head on my shoulder, it is one of the best feelings.

He is of course, getting stronger and stronger. He has been able to hold his head up for a while now but he does sooo great during tummy time and is starting to push himself up on his arms. After a couple minutes of it he still gets frustrated though! Usually he will just roll over onto his back.

Graydon had his first bath in the sink this past week! He did pretty well since he holds his head up, but obviously he cannot sit on his own yet so he kept slipping down. It worked out OK though. His little mohawk cracks me up...

I love that cute little baby butt! :)

He has also found his hands and is reallllllly intrigued by them. He stares at them all the time and is constantly playing with them. He also loves to put them into his mouth, especially his middle three fingers on his right hand. He tends to suck on those if he is crying and trying to soothe himself, if he doesn't have his pacifier.

Graydon is still using the MAM pacifiers, he loves those. He is also drooling a lot more. Especially if he shirt is anywhere near is mouth, he likes to suck on it and bite on it, and then it gets completely wet. I am trying to remember to use bibs more but sometimes we forget still since he doesn't do it all the time.
The past couple of days when I am holding him he loves to gnaw away on my hand. I am guessing this is a normal part of the process leading into when they start to suck and chew on everything and start teething.

Chris is in the process of putting together his Baby Einstein bouncy entertainer thing. When we hold him he doesn't like to sit long...he likes to "stand up" so we figured it was time to get him in there! *edit* Chris tried to put him in it today and it is still WAY too big for him...his feet are still like 6 inches off the ground, I am so bummed! I know he will love it eventually though!

Graydon drinks around 5 oz. per feeding, at least from his bottles that he gets during Daycare anyways. He has been on "strike" lately though, periodically. Sometimes he will not take his first bottle of the day, according to Heidi, who watches him for us. Then when I try to nurse him during the evening, he gets super frustrated. I thought maybe it was my milk supply at first, but when I am persistent then eventually he eats. I think at first he doesn't want the bottle, he wants me, but then being spoiled all day and not having to work so hard to get his food, he comes home at night and gets lazy trying to eat from me. It was a pretty "trying" week last week, but we hung in there and the past couple days have been OK again thank goodness!
Another thing he has been doing lately is getting easily distracted while eating. He will keep popping off and looking up at me, and then he will start smiling. It is so cute...he is a little stinker! :)

Graydon will watch TV with us sometimes. He just sits there really contently and stares at the TV, I think it is pretty funny! I want to invest in some Baby Einstein type DVDs or something since he seems to sort of like it. I think that he probably likes the brightness of it and watching things move etc. Here is a picture of him watching TV at my in-laws house over was early one morning right after I fed him and Chris was still sleeping. He is just chilling out, haha!

He has also been "talking" sooo much lately! He will have a little conversation with you.
He started laughing a little last week. Chris kept telling me that he had heard it a couple of times and then finally a couple days later I got to hear it, it is so cute. It is very low and not really very loud and noticeable unless you are paying attention but he is definitely doing it. Chris has also been spending a lot of time playing with him and blowing his lips at him, and Graydon has been mimicking him the past couple of days. He is a little smartie pants!

Well I guess that is about all for now. I am just so amazed at how he continues to grow and learn new things every day!


Rachel and John said...

I love baby babbles!
Hey what kind of crib mattress do you have?

The Buchingers said... cute Anne! Loved the post. When we gave Nataleigh a bath in the sink we used a hand towel so she wouldn't slide as much...but that is very exciting that he is getting so big! Also does the baby Einstein Saucer thing adjust lower? From what I remember about that one is it has 5 or 6 height adjustments...check it out and he might be able to touch the ground on the lowest setting if Chris hasn't already tried to do that.

ColoradoBelle said...

He is so darn cute. We are huge baby Einstein fans...well, at least the little man is:)

Anne said...

Rachel, I think it is a Serta or isn't anything too special, I was middle of the line I would say, but definitely had way over the recommended number of coils that they say you need. The funny this is that he doesn't even sleep in his crib yet. He is upstairs with us in the bassinet feature of the pack n' play...I do not want to move him downstairs yet. I am not ready for that!

Anne said...

Em, we had it on the lowest was still too tall. Oh well! :)

In With the Light said...

Hooray an update!! I've missed you. Graydon is so handsome! I hope you're doing okay with the working mom thing. I am getting ready to change my schedule around so I have more time with Logan and I can't wait!

Sarah said...

Graydon is so cute! He really is long! Brett was in the 90% for weight and 76% for height haha! We have the baby einstein bouncer and Brett loves it! He just started grabbin at things and really entertains himself in it. He also likes to watch TV- hoping its not a bad habit but it is nice to be able to put him there and relax with him! Glad things are going well!

Sarah said...

Also- I put a box under the bouncer so he can push on it a little. He has a long way before he can touch the floor! :)

MrsBro... said...

HOW in the world has he got so big?! And adorable, and that hair!


:: faints ::