Monday, January 31, 2011

Four Months Old

Time is flying by!

Mr. Graydon is getting so big, right before our eyes. Every day I am in awe over how fast this child is developing, and we are loving every stage of it.

We think that Graydon weighs around 13 lbs. but we will find out next week at his 4 month appointment. I am guessing that he is still in a really low percentile for his weight, but I am not concerned because I know that he is growing and healthy. I am also guessing that his length has also grown. He is so tall! I can tell when I am holding him and trying to nurse him that he is longer.

*We have now had his 4 month appt. since I originally started to write this.*

Graydon weighs 13 lbs. 11.5 oz. He is in the 25th percentile for he weight, but we are not concerned because you can tell he is a healthy boy! The doctor also said that they are less concerned about "skinny babies" these days, because over time they have shown to become healthier adults. Also because Chris and I are both tall and slender, that is how Graydon will most likely be.
He is 26.5 inches long, which is the 80th percentile, and his head is 16 1/4 inches, which is also in the 25th percentile, but they said that was fine.

He is still nursing and eating from a bottle at daycare, and sometimes a bottle at home too. Sometimes he just prefers it, which makes me sad, but doesn't surprise me. I guess it just depends on his mood!

We definitely have a mover on our hands! He is never in the same place that we left him. Lately we will walk out of the room for a second and when we come back in he is almost off his play mat and onto our hardwood floors. Also when we go to get him out of his pack n' play his head is all the way up to the top of one side.

One new thing is that over the past couple of weeks he has discovered his feet. They are like permanent toys attached to his legs, it is hilarious! If he is on his back, his feet are instantly in the air and he is playing with them, trying to pull his socks off and then it causes him to roll over. This has been interesting at bedtime and we think causes him to stay awake longer. He thinks it is playtime at first.

Lately when we try to put him to bed he has been struggling. I have been trying to move his bedtime up to 8 pm, and so far he doesn't like it. He is a stubborn little guy! He likes to be held and rocked to sleep and it is so hard not to make a habit of it. He definitely likes to be awake and where the action is.

We are still cloth diapering most of the time and using disposables once in a while. He is still wearing size 1-2 in the Costco diapers, which I love! Size 2 pampers are still too big on his skinny little butt. :)

Graydon is still wearing 3-6 month clothing, but a lot of the onesies that are 3 month size are too small on him now, especially if he is wearing the bulky cloth diapers. 6 month sizes fit him perfectly most of the time. 3 month pants are getting too short but are still too big in the waste...they need to make pants for smaller wastes with longer legs. He is also still wearing size 1 shoes.

Graydon is drooling a lot more so we tend to put a bib on him a lot now. The doctor also said that he should get his bottom two teeth within the next couple of months.

He still is rolling from his stomach to his back, but hasn't the other way yet.

We started putting him in his jumpy this month which has been awesome and he LOVES it! His feet doesn't touch the ground yet but I think that they will soon. He loves to roll the beads around and push the sun around, it's so cute.

He also loves his swing, especially for nap time, or his car seat, which I guess he naps a lot in while at daycare.

Graydon is such a smiley boy and if he is in a good mood, will never hesitate to flash a big smile and show off his cute little dimple.

He also loves to stand up, and lately we have been leaning him against stuff and he will stand there for a while before he loses balance and starts to topple over. Of course we are right there to catch him.

We are absolutely loving the stage that he is in right now...he is such a happy boy. We love him SO much!

Pictures to come!

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Bridget said...

I know you don't know me, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I see a lot of myself in your entries. My husband and I are currently expecting, and I am trying to learn and practice all I can to have a natural birth so reading your birth story was a huge inspiration to me. Also I saw today that you mentioned cloth diapers, and most people think we are nuts, but we are planning on using cloth as well. Thank you for sharing little tidbits about your life as a mom. It's very encouraging to me at a time that is super exciting but also very scary to anticipate what is to come. All I can do is trust that God has got it all and he will provide! Hope you have a wonderful day!