Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work Baby Shower

My blog has seriously been on the back burner lately! I can only imagine it will get way worse once the babe comes. But between work and projects at home....well...I seriously forgot all about this post!

These pictures are from my baby shower at work last week that I also had with my good friend Kerri, who is 6 weeks ahead of me.

Kerri and I getting some food! We had it potluck style, which I love because there is such a variety of food to choose from. It's fun to try a little of everything.

All of the presents...our coworkers are SO generous. Some bought there own presents and everyone else went in on big group gifts for us, which was awesome.

Time to eat! The decorations were really cute too.

I LOVE this little lion outfit. It is actually the 2nd one we have received, but it was a different size so I was excited about that. The other onesie says "This is what handsome looks like." and then the pants have a lion on the butt, they are sooo cute!

Also got Chris's bag from another coworker. It is a Columbia bag, I like it a lot!

The big group gift consisted of some smaller items which included a lot of our "car stuff" like the window shades and this cool mirror thing that goes in the back.

And then this was the BIG item. I was soooo happy to receive our travel system. I started crying a little when I opened it. Like I said...SO generous!

And one last pic of Kerri and I. Me-29 weeks and Kerri-35 weeks. Such a fun shower, we could not ask for a nicer group of people to work with! We are so lucky and blessed.

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