Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July Weekend!

Friday night we drove over to the west side of the state and stayed with Chris's parents for the weekend. I love doing that like once a summer, it just sort of feels like we are on vacation since we are away from home! Friday night we visited Grand Haven and had a little date night. Chris took me to K2, where they serve all of these different pizzas. He has been wanting to take me there for a while now, so that was fun. Then we had Gelato afterward and walked around. (YUM!) I Chris got some Turkish coffee kind that straight up tasted like coffee grounds, and I got a chocolate cherry something or was so good!
Saturday and Sunday we took the dogs to the dog beach. They love it can let them off their leashes, run around, swim, play with the other dogs etc. Niles is pretty daring and will swim out a little ways to fetch balls or frisbees, but Siggy not so much. His little paws were also bothering him so he tended to hang out by us some of the time as well.

There were SO many boxers there on Saturday. I think I counted 13 of them at one point, I couldn't believe it!! I have never seen so many at one time.

I love this picture, I think they look so cute here!

Saturday afternoon after the beach we walked around the art fair, grilled out for dinner with Chris's parents and aunt, and then we went to the Summer Celebration concert. Chris's friends had a couple extra tickets so we were able to get in for free. That night Default, Candlebox and Tonic were playing. I never thought I would ever see those groups, haha!! But it was free, and sure took us back to the 90's....
Sunday morning we went to the beach again, and then in the afternoon went boating with my good friend Kerri and her husband Daryle.

Here is Chris, checking out the "potty room".

Whatcha doin' in there Chris?? :)

Kerri and me on the boat!

Later on that night we got to watch the fireworks. Our boat was anchored about 200 yards from the barge that the fireworks were lit off from. It was awesome!! We were so close and practically right under them. Thankfully the weather was really nice, the rain missed us, and we got to have a great time. We ended up getting home really late that night and I didn't get to bed until like 1:30 am.
Monday Chris had to work, so I cleaned up at home, did all the laundry, snuck in a 3 hour nap (it was so nice!!!!) and went grocery shopping.

Yesterday Chris's mom and aunt came and painted the 2nd coat on the nursery (thank you again!!!) and then last night I spent 3 hours with my friend Erica scraping paint off of the trim (so frustrating!). Turns out someone had painted an oil based paint on it at some point and the old owners had just painted over it, and now it's all peeling off, so we have to completely try to fix it all. It is going to take a little bit longer than we expected.....if only there were more hours in the day!

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Mrs. Hoppy said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! You look great too by the way. :)