Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ok, I am excited for two reasons.

The first one is kinda lame but whatev. I order some girl scout cookies from a rep. that I work with (for his daughter) what seems like months ago and they finally came in today! Thin mints......yuuuumm. Love them!

And secondly, I had my first dream last night where I could tell the gender of the baby!! was a girl! But then in the middle for some reason it switched to a boy for a second, but then was back to being a girl. The whole dream was all about nursing and pumping. Weird huh...but I think I know why. I was going to order a pump off of the Gap's website if I could use the 30% off discount towards it, but it wouldn't let me. I originally was SO stoked because there is no way you could get that good of a deal on a brand new Medela anywhere else. I am bummed but that is ok. I will wait a couple months to purchase that. I guess I am thinking that there is no way someone will spend that much on a breast pump for me, so I was just going to buy it myself. Oh well though. Back to the dream......I was excited when I woke up! A girl. But then everyone at my work keeps telling me they think I am going to have a boy, so who knows. I guess I keep going back and forth now!



Nlvaden said...

Just a recomendation- I LOVE my lansinoh affinity. It was also way cheaper than the medela. The biggest difference is the closed system that means less parts to worry about milk getting in and it is more easily stored than the medela.

Mitzi G.!! said...

I just saw you post on my blog & all I can say is Brayden loves our pups & they love him more!! They are both so good with him; although when Bella walks by she does have to lick him EVERY time so just keep the wipes close :)

Before Brayden was born we bought a babydoll that made baby noises, out a diaper & powder on it (to make it smellmore real) & then carried it around with us & had them get used to being more careful, not jumping, not licking & stuff like really did get they prepared for B's homecoming. We also purchased a CD that had baby noises on it & played it beginning the whole month before my due date & I really think that was the best think we could have ever done because the first time we played it & they heard the crying they FREAKED out. So I would suggest doing that as well :)

I hope you have a great Friday!!

Anne said...

Nicki, I remember you telling me some of that before. My SIL told me though that it has a ton of pieces and doesn't remove milk as well as the older model did or something, which people were disappointed about so it is getting bad reviews. What do you mean that it is more easily stored than Medela?

Mitzi, thank you! I will take those recommendations and see how the dogs react (when the time gets closer.) I am just more worried about them since they do not know their own strength. I know our one dog Siggy will be jealous, that is just how he is. He will get used to it though, the family he was raised with had a small child when they got him and he doesn't lick near as much as Niles does.

The Buchingers said...

cute Anne thanks for sharing!

Jessica@The Southern Belle Baby said...

I can totally see girl for you. :)

I LOVE my Medela pump. I think it's the Freestyle. Totally worth the money!

And good for you on the cloth diapers! I have my stockpile of bg 3.0s we haven't started using yet because the one size is still kind of huge on Knox's scrawny butt! I can't wait, though. Just waiting on him to gain a few more pounds.