Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Random Stuff

So I have been getting headaches. I am pretty sure that it is probably pregnancy related because I rarely ever get them so of course I've been a huge baby about it.

I cannot believe that I am almost 10 weeks!! Holy moly...double digits. I am excited to be getting closer to the 2nd trimester though.

I am always sick at night while I am trying to relax and watch TV. I hate it because it makes me get all anxious which REALLY makes it hard to relax. I forgot to take my B6 this morning before I left for work and I thought for sure I would be regretting it but I have been ok so far today. There was a moment as I was heating up my food for lunch that I felt like I might lose it, but I am pretty sure it was because I was hungry. The second I am hungry I get nauseous, it is so weird. That whole "staying full" thing works. Which is probably part of the reason I am still gaining weight at record speed. :) Oh well!

I bought a pair of maternity pants from Old Navy this weekend because I had a $20 coupon that was about to expire, and I hated the rest of the clothes that they had there. I was surprised because I even found that one pair. I guess I am picky. They are cute though. And then I ended up wearing them to church on Sunday. They are SO comfy, and I am sick of all of my pants being tight. They are still too big though, there isn't enough of something there to hold them up so they kept falling down, it was sort of funny. I also found out that the Pea in a Pod store in Macy's will let me use my Macy's gift cards there, I was super excited! So my next purchase will probably be a pair of black dress pants for work. I am still fine will the bellabands, but just thinking ahead I guess!

Thursday is my first appointment with my doctor and I am SUPER excited!!! I am praying that she does a quick little ultrasound so we can see that everything is looking ok, and then I will most likely tell my boss, if someone else has not already which I would not be surprised. And I am sick of him asking me questions and me having to beat around the bush about stuff, it's no fun. (Like my running and whatnot.)

I have been super irritable on and off too. I will be in a great mood one moment and so very annoyed the next. You think you can try to control but sometimes you cannot!

Chris has been awesome and super sweet about everything though. He rarely complains and has been cleaning and doing stuff around the house like a rockstar. I love my husband!


Jennifer said...

Oh I do hope you get to have an ultrasound. It would be great to see pics of your little baby. :) Sorry you aren't feelling great at night. Hoping you will be past all that soon! :)

Mrs.Joe said...

Hope your headaches go away soon!

Mrs. Hoppy said...

Hi Anne,
I finally got your comment on my blog from last month - I would love to hear the regimen you and your DH used for your BFP cycle. We are on a break after more bad news today so I'm willing to try anything on our own!
Congrats by the way! :)