Thursday, October 1, 2009


What are you doing body?!?
I normally ALWAYS have cross-hairs by now.

I do not like all this up down up down stuff. I repeat, I do not like it.
Hopefully I O'ed....what do you think???

I am also wondering if this is the affect of having a cold for almost two weeks now. I have been using VICKS Vapor Rub (the grease less cream of course) and taking cough syrup before bed pretty much every night. But then again I thought cough syrup was supposed to help promote better CM and it is weird because I feel like I hardly noticed any at all this cycle!! Which is unusual for me. I am not sure what the heck is going on.....
Also this morning my first temp was 97.57 and the thermometer went off in like less than two minutes (it usually takes like 5 minutes.) So then I took it again right after and it was 98.08. I went with that temp, because I was thinking that maybe the first temp was wrong, my thermometer was FREEZING this morning. It is super cold in our house right now, it got down into the 30's here last night and I am refusing to turn on the heat yet, it is so expensive! But yeah, so I chose the 98.08 over the 97.57. Ok, I am rambling.....that's all for now.


Jessica said...

Thanks for commenting today. I was thinking about you this morning- how is everything going?

Anne said...

Everything is going Ok....on to cycle #12. I am going to update tonight, so you will see that! ;)

Kendyl Murphy said...

When I got my cold I had a constantly higher temp than usual. Of course I got excited for nothing :-) Still no luck for us either, although my last cycle was exactly 30 days (which never happens). I'm thinking the chiropractor thing is helping. You'll be one of the first to know if it works for sure... I will call you to make a referral! :-) Hope you're enjoying Europe!!