Monday, September 28, 2009

New S/A Results

So, the doc. called yesterday. Finally. At 5:30 pm on a Sunday afternoon. Once again we thought that was pretty funny, but I don't care, I am just happy that he called us!
So after not doing anything for about 14 days the test results were different. The count went up past 200 mil, Chris could not remember exactly what he said, but I guess that was good. The percentages for motility and morphology went up a little, but not much, so I guess he's not quite up to par yet. He told him that he could still drink one caffeinated beverage a day, and up to 3 alcoholic beverages a week, and changing that anymore would not make a difference. I still beg to differ regarding that, but whatev. It's a tough situation too, because anyone who knows my husband knows that he LOVES his coffee, and LOVES his drinks.....we are talking like a beer/wine/liquor connoisseur here people. He could care less about getting drunk. He typically only has one at a time, per day if that. He just genuinely loves it, and it's hard to want to take that away from him, but I can't help it. He is willing to give it up though, but only if the doctor says that is what he is going to have to do.
On a further note, then came the words I had been patiently waiting for and expecting: "I am going to refer you to a Urologist." In a way it stinks, because I feel like we are officially entering into a new journey. The "infertility journey." In another way, I feel fine about all of this, because the situation is not that bad, and there is totally hope. In another way, I am looking forward to his next appointment so we can get some more answers. The doctor said that he thinks it is a possibility that Chris just has some sort of lingering infection and if he got on an antibiotic that it may just clear it up and bam, he would be fine, and so would all his sperm. (I have heard about this before...) I am hoping that is all that this situation is.
That would be AMAZING.

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Nlvaden said...

I hope it is just the infection! I don't think I have ever said that before...
GL! When is the urologist appointment?

Anne said...

We are now waiting for the doctor to call back about the referral. I am hoping he doesn't take his good 'ol sweet time!

Jessica said...

i really hope all he needs is the antibiotic, that would be amazing! It sounds like you have a great doctor that really cares, which makes a HUGE difference!

BabyFeverBlog said...

We are also entering the "infertility stage"...not sure I want to be here.