Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nothing too much new.

I am on CD 9 today, so I should ovulate within the next 4 days sometime. Of course we have a crazy busy weekend ahead of us!

This afternoon I get to have surgery on my mouth, awesome huh? I have some random something or another (hopefully a tooth) coming down out of the top of my mouth behind my front teeth, and when I got my teeth cleaned at the beginning of the month they said that they wanted to extract it asap. So I have the rest of the afternoon off and tomorrow off of work, and I am planning on not doing too much hopefully. I am super excited to sleep in tomorrow.
Chris works tomorrow morning and then we are heading home for the weekend for a friend's wedding. Saturday I have to be up bright and early to do the bride's hair and makeup. Yeah, smart on my part to schedule this appointment today right before this wedding, I totally WAS NOT thinking. Duh.
We are still unsure of whether or not we will drive home after the reception (which is likely) or just stay another night and come home Sunday morning sometime. I just wish we didn't live 2.5 hours away.
Anyways, the point is that my mouth is really going to be sore, we have to do a bunch of driving, I have to get up super early Sat. morn, we will both be all tired I am sure........I just can't see a lot of TTC happening this cycle! I guess we will have to just try and work it in somehow! :)


Jessica Loves Trevor (JLT) said...

Good luck this cycle!! That's how our lucky cycle was- we had no time and only had sex once. When it works, it works! I hope this happens for you guys this time around. :)

Anne said...

Wow, that is crazy to think about actually...! Thanks!