Friday, August 7, 2009

Liam Charles Kelly

Liam Charles Kelly, infant son of Patrick and Megan went to be in the arms of Jesus on July 23, 2009.

I have been wanting to post about this for a while now. It is just such a heavy topic, that I wanted to wait. I wanted to think about everything that has happened in the past couple weeks, the past couple months. It is been indescribably saddening, and emotionally draining.

I cannot even begin to understand what it would be like to lose a child, and I am sure that my words here will not remotely come close to the pain and heartache that my sister and husband have had to deal with over the past two weeks, since Liam was born still. Liam was a fighter, and his precious little heart remained beating for quite some time up until the birth. Megan had gone into the hospital two days before, because her placenta was starting to tear away. Ironic considering that it had absolutely nothing to do with Liam's heart condition and his hydrops. When they got to the hospital, they were surprised to learn that Liam was still alive, and everyone was so thankful and continued to pray. She kept having contractions until Thursday when she finally gave birth at 29 weeks. The doctors from Ann Arbor had told the doctor in Saginaw that they believed that there was a 100% chance that there was no way that he was going to make it. It was the worst news possible. There are so many questions here. It just doesn't make sense. Why would God let this happen? Has he not heard our prays for the last several months? Why Liam, just a small, precious innocent baby? Also, Liam was born a short seven days after Nataleigh. It is best said when asked, how do you feel so much sorrow, and so much joy in your heart, all at the same time? We will never really understand why all of this happened. But God is glorified in all things, and everything happens according to his will and purpose. His timing is perfect. Sometimes it is hard to remember those things, especially in the middle of our angst and confusion.

On Monday, July 27th 2009, a memorial was held. The service was beautiful. Some friends sang a couple of songs and touched everyone's hearts deeply. I believe it truly was a day that friends and family will never forget.

Hopefully time will heal the hurt, the pain, and the suffering. Liam Charles will always be loved, and hold a place in our hearts forever.

In loving memory of Liam Charles Kelly, who entered into eternal life with our Savior on July 23, 2009. May he never be forgotten.


BabyFeverBlog said...

Anne, I am so sorry for your family's loss. There are no words to express my sympathy.

Nlvaden said...

Anne, I am so sorry for you and your familys loss. I was really rooting for him to make it! I don't know what the reasoning is for any of it. I wish I did. I am so sorry.

Anne said...

Thank you to both of you!