Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Cycle Number Eight.

Well we have officially been trying to conceive for 7 months and 8 cycles now. Although I have my moments of frustration, I am trying to remain patient, positive and hopeful. I know that my time will come eventually, and it will be amazing. Even though I am once again on my period (CD 4), I am thankful for a 26 and a half day cycle. I give credit to the B6 and Vitex that I have been taking for the past two cycles. This month we are going to try something a little different....I broke down and ordered some Preseed. Some of the testimonies I have read about this product are amazing...and my friend Megan swears by it as well, she got pregnant on the first cycle she used it! Yes I realize this could have just been a coincidence, but it gives me some hope, haha. I guess I just don't really notice any substantial amount of EWCM for any long period of time, and for my age I should have a good amount. I honestly probably notice it one time, during one day of my fertile period. Hopefully it will work, that would be amazing!
This week at work we have Friday off because of July 4th. I am looking forward to a nice, long, relaxing three day weekend. And then next week I will be O'ing again. I don't know, I just feel good about this month. Maybe the Preseed is just making me excited. I am still waiting to get it in the mail. I hope it comes by tomorrow, it is making me anxious!
Oh yes, and I almost forgot. We just found out about two more people that are in the family and one acquaintance. Everyone is pregnant I swear!!!


Nlvaden said...

I am sorry sweetie, your time will come. It is really hard waiting I know. Trust me.

Unknown said...

PreSeed is great. I have used that and PreConceive Plus (same thing, diff container) and it helped us get pregnant. I had no CM after Clomid, and it definitely works!

Believe me, I know how badly it sucks to look around and see nothing but pregnant people, even if I am one of them, now. Oddly enough, I still get sad when I see a pg lady! I guess IF doesn't ever really leave you. I promise not to give you any of the stupid "advice" that pisses you off more than it helps, but what I will say is that if you want something badly enough, you WILL make it happen. It just may not be on your schedule, but God's. You're going to be a great mom one day, I have no doubt. I'm thinking of you!

Anne said...

Hey thanks guys! I love that a ton of my family is pregnant, I just wish I was with them, haha. But it is still really great. And the best part is that I am sure I will learn a lot from them all for when it is my turn.

Jessica, I heard that clomid did that to you...someone told me that it "dries you up". My coworker keeps telling me I just need to go to my doc and get on it...I'm like ummm no. Not yet. I know I am O'ing (I think anyways, my charts confirm it?) so I don't necessarily think I would need clomid? Whatever, anyways, but yeah, they give you clomid to help you out, and then it dries you up. What the heck?! Anyways, you are so right, it is all in God's timing, not mine. It will happen when it is supposed to and I am fine with that, I just wish I knew when, haha! And don't worry, no advice that you guys give me is stupid, and it doesn't piss me off! =)

Vanessa @ See Vanessa Craft said...
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BabyFeverBlog said...

Hang in there! Tell me more about Vitex and B6 :)

Unknown said...

Yes, unfortunately, that is one of the side effects for some people. PreSeed is supposed to remedy that, though. Also, Birth Control can dry up your cervical crypts (which is where the mucus comes from), and I think that happened to me, as well, so I was just screwed.

Since you're o-ing, they would probably check your progesterone to make sure, and if it confirmed o, they most likely would not give you Clomid, anyway. People just know Clomid as a fertility drug and most have no idea what it's for, so they don't know what they're talking about when they recommend it. You know more about yourself, especially since you chart.

Anne said...

I am wondering who commented and deleted??

Baby Fever-B6 helps lengthen your luteal phase, and also promotes a healthy immune system and carbohydrate metabolism. It can also help with morning sickness once you are pregnant.

Vitex is overall good for fertility (as is the B6). It is sort of a lot to explain.....if you would like to read more, just google B6 and fertility or Vitex and fertility. There is so much info to read!

Jessica...I have used Prog. cream before. Maybe I should keep using it?

BabyFeverBlog said...

Thanks for the info...I'm off to google :)