Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Another One.

Ok, now I know that I have talked about this before. I know so many people who are pregnant right now. But seriously, I don't think you people believe me.

I just found out that my co-worker Jill is pregnant. I am so happy and excited for her! But it is still hard. Especially since she like just started working here and they were just not using any protection but not trying either. There is also another girl here who is going to start trying, and another who is going to try soon but temping to not get pregnant, for the time being. They say everything comes in 3's right?! I am hoping that Jill triggers it! The other girl who is about to start trying also mentioned that to me this morning. I was like amen sister!

So here is a list of all the people I know who are currently pregnant. Just so you can see for yourself. (And also some people who just had their babies.)

Just had a baby:
-my pastor's wife (a girl, Violet)
-Chris's cousin Derek (boy, Noah)

Going to be born any day:
-my SIL, brother Nate's wife (girl, Nataleigh--they think, but not for sure)
-my SIL, husband Chris' sister (girl, Rowan)
-my SIL-to-be, brother Joe's fiance (boy, Ayden)

-my sister Megan (boy, due in Oct.)
-Chris' cousin Tim's wife Megan (don't know details yet)
-Chris' cousin Erica (just found out a couple weeks ago)

A couple different friends/aquaintences:
-Megan N. (girl, Raegan, due in Nov.)
-Kelly (girl, Chloe, due in Sept.)
-Miriam from church (just found out)

People I work with:
-coworker Jill (just found out)
-coworker Matt's wife
-coworker Neven's wife

Internet Friends:
-Megan N (already mentioned above)
-Jessica aka JLT (due in Feb.)
-Nikki aka Nlvaden (due in Feb.)

Yeah, I know. I told you.

I think there are others. I just cannot remember them right now. Too many pregnant people to cloud up my mind....haha. It is insane.

I love it though.
I just want to join them.


Nlvaden said...

I'm sorry girl. God is just busy picking out your perfect baby.

Anne said...

Don't be sorry!! It is ok, haha. Just somewhat comical. I swear I am being taught a lesson in patience. My time will come. And I love your reason, that is so great!

Unknown said...

You're not joking about there being tons of them!! (Except I'm due in February. LOL) It will happen for you soon, though I know it feels like it won't. I am praying for you!!

Anne said...

Crap. I am totally editing that. I even went to your blog to try to figure it out, guess I figured wrong, I am sorry!! February is better anyways... ;) (my b-day is Feb. 5th)

Kristen.Adele said...

Hey Anne, I stumbled across your blog while reading Pat and Megan's. I know we haven't seen one another in quite some time, but I had no idea you and Chris were trying to conceive! If and when you're ready for it, I know of a phenomenal ministry that is targeted at both people trying to conceive and those who know they cannot. It's through Bethany Christian Services, and it's called Stepping Stones. They do a newsletter and discussion boards and all that stuff (maybe you already know about it). Anyway, my office is right next to the people who work in that program, so I thought I"d throw it out there. Best of luck to you two!

Megan J said...

Wow that is a lot!
We are having a girl. Due date for now is November 22.
Good luck and have lots of have fun practicing!
I do believe that God is picking out the perfect baby just for you two!!

Anne said...

Hi Kristen, thank you so much. Maybe we will look into that. I know of Bethany Christian Services because they are really big in the Grand Rapids area.
I am sorry, but I am not sure who you are? I tried to click on your name but nothing comes up for your profile, I feel so silly!! Well I hope you visit my blog again so I can find out who you are! :)

Anne said...

That's great MegnHope, congrats and good luck! Do you have a blog?

BabyFeverBlog said...

My list of pg friends is very similiar to yours...I'm happy for them but I too want to join them!

Megan J said...

Anne it is Megan, Tim's wife! LOL nope I don't have a blog. Sorry. I am just to darn lazy. and don't feel I have enough to say. But I love reading yours.